Coach Bunting's Post Game Press Conference - SV

IC takes you into the locker room after the Wake Forest game to see and feel the comments made by Coach Bunting after the game.

Coach John Bunting's
Post Game Press Conference
Wake Forest vs North Carolina

Streaming Video by Bas

When you look into his eyes, you still see the linebacker stare that many NFL offensive players faced over his career.  Notice that many of the media cautiously phrased their questions at this post conference.  If you have not had the opportunity to see and hear Coach Bunting in person, then you are missing a lot.  Inside Carolina does its best by bring Coach Bunting into your home or office with our streaming video.  Please note that you must have cable/DSL/T1/T3 etc. to view the file.  We also provide a link to Windows Media 7.1 below for the best possible picture.

Streaming Video plays on computers with a Cable/DSL/T1 connection.  It is not for viewers with a dial-up modem connection.  Because of that, we have set this up to stream after you press the play button to begin the video streaming.  We strongly recommend you have Windows Media 7.1 loaded to run the clip. 

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