Time for the Spring Game!

Last year, the Spring Game marked the emergence of running back Ronnie McGill (pictured). Which Tar Heels will grab the spotlight this year? Head over to Kenan Stadium on Saturday for a first look at the 2004 Carolina football team. The game kicks off at 1 p.m. and admission is free.

From UNC Athletic Communications ...

The University of North Carolina will hold its annual Spring Game on Saturday, April 3, 2004 at 1 p.m. Admission is free and fans are encouraged to come early and enjoy Tar Heel Town, which will be located inside Kenan Stadium on the field from 10:30-Noon. Tar Heel Town will include several activities for fans of all ages, including a Moonbounce, a Rock Wall and a Speed Pitch.

Following Tar Heel Town, fans can listen to John Bunting's address to the Rams Club at approximately 12:15 inside the stadium. Bunting's pre-game talk is open to all fans.


  • General Public: Craige Deck, Boshamer, Smith Center. Disability on Stadium Drive and in the Public Safety lot
  • Rams Club: Craige Deck, Ehaus Field. Disability is in Bell Tower


    10:30 - Gates Open (2 & 6)
    Tar Heel Town opens
    Hall of Honor opens

    12:00 - Tar Heel Town Closes

    12:15 - The Rams Club Annual Meeting begins and is open to all fans

    12:30 - Hall of Honor closes

    1:00 - Spring game kickoff

    CONCESSIONS: Will be available on the South Side only.


    * The game will be divided into four quarters. All quarters will be 12 minutes each. Halftime will last five minutes and players will remain on the field. The fourth quarter will be played with a running clock.

    * Kicking situations will take place throughout the game with first- and second-team players facing scout team players.

    * Scoring: All traditional football scoring is in effect.


    Blue Team
    No., Name, Pos.
    1, Lionell Green, CB
    1, Derrele Mitchell, WR
    3, Ronnie Bryant, SS
    4, Darian Durant, QB
    5, Jarwarski Pollock, WR
    8, Roger Heinz, QB
    8, Tommy Richardson, SS
    12, Chris Curry, WR
    14, Gerald Sensabaugh, FS
    20, Jacque Lewis, TB
    *21, Justin Warren, TB
    24, Michael Norton, CB
    25, Michael Felder, CB
    27, Kareen Taylor, FS/CB
    29, Wallace Wright, WR
    32, Larry Edwards, LB
    35, Bryan Bethea, CB
    36, James Gibson, FB
    36, Thomas Pryor, CB
    40, Rikki Cook, FB
    41, Alden Blizzard, DE
    43, Jocques Dumas, TE
    48, Thomas Sperring, LB
    49, Xavier Rainey, DE
    51, Adam Corey, C
    52, Bryan Shipman, OG
    53, Doug Justice, LB
    56, Jared Robinson, LB
    58, Melik Brown, LB/DL
    61, Warren Green, LB/DS
    64, Scott Lenahan, C/OG
    68, Chris Woods, OT
    70, Steven Bell, C/OG
    71, Kendall High, OT
    75, Shelton Bynum, DT
    75, Skip Seagraves, OT
    78, Kyle Ralph, OG
    79, Jonathan Lane, FS
    80, Tommy Davis, DE
    83, Lewis Burnham, TE
    84, Andrew Wasserman, WR
    86, Jon Hamlett, TE
    96, Isaiah Thomas, DT

    White Team
    No., Name, Pos.
    3, Daunte Fields, WR
    7, Matt Baker, QB
    9, Jesse Holley, WR
    10, Quinton Person, CB
    11, Adarius Bowman, WR
    11, Linwood Williams, FS
    12, Ryan Salone, SS
    15, Rashaad Tindall, WR
    15, Tyson Graham, LB
    16, Jacoby Watkins, CB
    16, Jared Hall, QB
    20, Tom O'Leary, FS
    21, Justin Warren, TB
    23, Mahlon Carey, SS
    25, Ronnie McGill, TB
    26, Lance Williams, WR
    28, D.J. Walker, FS
    30, Fred Sparkman, LB
    33, Leon Scroggins, FB
    38, Shaun Lipscomb, CB
    42, Brian Rackley, DE
    44, Madison Hedgecock, FB
    54, Victor Worsley, LB
    54, Sam Heathcote, OG
    55, Joe Kedra, LB
    60, Arthur Smith, OG
    66, Donnell Livingston, DT
    69, Jonas Seawright, DT
    69, Patrick Hope, OT
    72, Jason Brown, C
    76, Willie McNeill, OT
    77, Charlston Gray, OG
    81, Rock Wells, TE
    82, Dean Mason, LB
    85, Jason Chandler, LB
    87, Scott Brumett, TE
    89, Ian Cox, TE
    93, Michael Raabe, LB
    94, Khalif Mitchell, DE
    95, Chase Page, DT
    95, Justin Phillips, TE

    * Justin Warren will play running back for both teams.

    Special Teams Players (for kicking situations)
    57, Ryan Baucom, DS
    17, John Choate, P
    61, Warren Green, DS
    63, Patrick Marsh, DS
    48, Heath Martin, PK/P
    91, Michael Murphy, DS
    56, Greg Warren, DS
    45, David Wooldridge, P/PK

    Inactive Players
    19 Justin Boaz
    85 Landon Carter
    65 Brian Chacos
    93 John Dunn
    74 Kyndraus Guy
    6 Chris Hawkins
    13 Cedrick Holt
    73 Drew Hunter
    91 Terry Hunter
    47 Martin Jernigan
    52 Jeff Longhany
    2 Mike Mason
    67 Mickey Rice
    6 Chad Scott

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