Spring Game: Locker Room Report

McGill, Heinz, Edwards, Sparkman, Hedgecock, Durant and Taylor addressed the media following the game...

Ronnie McGill

On what is better about this year's rushing outlook:
"With Hedgecock in there, he's going to get the linebacker and we have one less guy to worry about. That gives me the opportunity to get into the secondary without getting hit much. "

How about you personally?
"Mentally, I'm a lot better. I used to make a lot of mental errors, but I've erased all of those. In the running game, I know what holes to hit, and in the passing game I know who to pick up in certain coverages. "

Are you more confident this year?
"I've always been confident, but as far as knowing more, yes, I'm playing more confident.

On team morale this season:
"You can just tell in the locker room, everybody is a little more anxious, because we ended last season on such a bad note. "

Roger Heinz

How did you think you played today?
"I was doing well in spring practice, and Coach said I was making a push for it, but I don't know if you can take today as a realistic push as to how I've played, or Baker, or Durant. It's just the guys have played together for years, and then we split them up on offense and you just don't have that same feel that you've had for the last weeks in the spring. Somebody is on this page, and somebody else is on this page…so it's rough."

Khalif Mitchell

How did you get so fast?
"My speed is just natural – God-given I guess. I guy my size, we usually don't run that fast. I can run with the small guys, but they're real fast. Let's just say I'm working on it. This is hard work; I just want to keep working harder and harder. It's a lot tougher. When I was in high school, I used to work with the running backs just to get myself quicker. It's all about getting faster, and if I can get faster, I can get better. That in itself has taught me to run down the plays and make it a beeline. You've got to be quick; regardless if you play defensive tackle or defensive end. "

Did you know you weren't supposed to actually sack Durant?
"In a way, I knew I wasn't supposed to sack him, but I just got into that game mode. I didn't hear a whistle, so I just got my hand on him to try and let him know to stop running. I didn't try to bring him down hard; I just tried to grab hold of him. When I got to the sideline, they weren't chewing me out."

Fred Sparkman

How bad was last season?
"That's all the coach has been talking about: If you're happy with the 2-10 record, then you need to get out. The effort we've put into this…we're going to get this thing turned around. We've put that chip on our own shoulder to be great and do what he says to do. "

Larry Edwards

Will things be different on defense this year?
"We're try to bring that type of attitude towards every scrimmage. We practice harder so we can play harder. We're just bringing an overall different attitude to Carolina football this season. I can't see us doing that again. We just practice too hard and we're just too much of a unit. I just can't see us doing that anymore. "

Kareen Taylor

On playing against McGill:
"Tackling Ronnie, you can do one of two things, tackle his legs or ride his back for 20 yards. Mainly, you've just got to get him down some way or call for help. Ronnie McGill, that's a big boy. He's had a good spring. He came out running and he came out running hard. We had a hard time containing him."

On this years' defensive profile:
"We play a lot of men in the box. Basically, our defense is set up for aggressive DBs and aggressive defensive linemen. "

On today's defensive performance:
"Everyone knows we could have played a lot better. "

And yours' personally?
"If I had dropped back better in that deep area, I could have made a lot more tackles than I did. As a unit, we played very well. I learned a lot from Dexter Reid. This year, I play safety, cornerback, nickelback…I play all over and I like that. "

Madison Hedgecock

On the move back to fullback:
"I've been playing there a long time. That's where I've always played since I've been playing football, and I've been playing football for a long time. Defensive end was harder for me to play than fullback ever was. I was accustomed to both sides, but on one, I had no clue. "

Darian Durant

On Hedgecock at fullback:
"We're glad to have him back. Madison is probably the only fullback we have that is not scared to get physical with linebackers. He's a real tough guy and we're glad to have him back."

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