Echefu on UNC radar

He's athletic. He's strong. He's long. He can score. He blocks shots. and -- oh man -- can he run the floor. Plus, no worries about his academics either. He's a great student. Montrose Christian junior power forward Uche Echefu just may be the next big timer out of the Rockville, Md. school.

And according to Montrose assistant David Adkins -- he's going to get a lot better.

"He's just a tremendous athlete," Adkins said. "The funny thing is that he just played soccer up until 2000. He's got great footwork and balance. His feet are very very good. He's a quick learner. He jumps very well and he's got a GREAT body. He's very coachable and just a great kid, on and off the court. You probably hear that about a lot of our kids, but I really mean it about this kid, he's great. I certainly think he's got a chance to be a top 25 kid in this class."

Adkins couldn't say enough about his junior's physical traits.

"This kid is built like a Greek God or something," he said. "When I look at him, sometimes, he reminds me of David Robinson in terms of how he's built. He's just chiseled. There's just so much upside with this kid.

"He's just got to work on his extension and finishing around the rim. If we can get him to extend his arms all the way inside, he's going to be incredible. I want him to dunk on people."

College coaches obviously echo many of Adkins' thoughts about the potential of the 6-8, 225-pound Nigerian. Loads of schools are interested and have evaluated Echefu.

"Well, sometimes I forget some schools, but I'll try and run them off," Adkins said. "Let's see, UNC, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Maryland, Kansas, Florida, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Southern Cal, Arizona State, South Carolina. There's just so many right now that want to see him.

"Almost forgot, Louisville really likes him. I can't forget them. I really can't forget them."

Adkins, who primarily coaches the post players, elaborated on the interest from the Tar Heels coaching staff.

"North Carolina has made plans to come up and see him in April," said Adkins. "Coach (Steve) Robinson has been in touch with us regarding him. They'll come up during the open period and see him. I have not talked to Coach (Roy) Williams just yet. So far, it's only been Coach Robinson. But they really sound like they want to come up and see him."

For the season, Echefu averaged 15 points, eight rebounds and three rejections per game. He's still making some of his spring and summer plans, as far as AAU basketball goes, but according to Adkins, he will definitely attend the NBA Players Association Camp in Richmond as well as the Nike camp in Indianapolis.

"He's got the ability to be something special," added Adkins. " I'm telling you."

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