Boo: Richard Hendrix Spotlight

HAMPTON, Va. -- Alabama or North Carolina? That's the decision facing Richard Hendrix. But this weekend at the Boo Williams Invitational, the 6-8, 255-pound post player was busy showing off his polished game and defined physique.

Hendrix posted 20 points and 11 boards, but the Alabama Lasers suffered a double-digit loss to the Georgia Stars, who had far superior guard play (Louis Williams, Michael Mercer).

The rising senior from Athens, Ala. has always been considered an elite member of the Class of 2005, though he's solidifying his status as one of the nation's best this weekend in Hampton, Va.

He's too modest to comment on his transformation from merely big to chiseled, but one can't overlook that noticeable change. And if anything he's even more agile than before, running the floor well and showing surprising quickness in the post.

Hendrix is the prototypical college post player – but will he take his game to Alabama or North Carolina?

Hendrix is torn.

"At North Carolina you've got the great tradition," he said. "Alabama is in-state. Those are the two main things. Alabama had a great year, came on strong in the tournament. And Coach [Roy] Williams, once he gets his recruits in, they'll be a powerhouse program again."

"Hopefully when I take the visits I'll see something at one of the schools that will blow me away."

He's already seen both campuses on unofficial trips, but the first of the two official visits is on April 30 to Chapel Hill. The Tar Heel coaches were at his school on Wednesday to chat and set up the visit.

"Coach Williams just talked about how they're going to recruit big players and not to worry about who's coming in front of you because they have faith that I'll be a good player, I'll work hard and do whatever it takes."

Before the school year ends, he'll also take his official visit to Alabama.

"I'll see what both the visits have, sit down, talk to my folks, think about it a bit and we'll go from there," he said. "There's Alabama and there's North Carolina. I just want to have a decision made before my senior season starts."

For now, however, he's content to just continue to wreak havoc in the post here in Hampton, posting double-doubles and bruising opponents.

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