Tar Heel stars to return

North Carolina sophomores Rashad McCants, Raymond Felton and Sean May confirmed Tuesday evening after the team banquet that they will not be testing the NBA waters and will return to play in Chapel Hill next season. Here are some of their quotes ...

"I will be back here next year. I thought about testing the waters, but I feel that my goals coming out of high school were to have my name in the rafters, in the front line [of retired jerseys], and I'm going to complete that goal. ... And my other goal was, at every level of basketball that I've played on, I've wanted to win a championship. And so far I've done that -- except for here. I hopefully want to win a championship on this level and the next level." -- McCants (N&R)

"I already sat down and talked to Coach Williams and my parents. I'm going to come back strong next year and let things happen. He told me he would love for me to come back. We sat down and talked about some things and I decided to come back. I thought about it a little bit but it wasn't a hard decision. ... There was talk about me coming out (for the NBA) straight out of high school," Felton said. "I'm living a dream right now. I always wanted to come to Carolina. I probably could have left straight out of high school, but at the same time I wanted to live my dreams. ... I wanted to go through life knowing I did everything I wanted to do and this is one of the things I wanted to do. I wanted to come here and play for the University of North Carolina." - Felton (W-S J)

"There will be days that I think youngsters should go. But I didn't think that was this year, and they don't think that's this year." -- Roy Williams (THB)

"We can be a Final Four, a national championship team," said Felton, who earlier this season said he would turn pro if he thought he would be a top-10 pick. "That's what we're shooting for, that's what we're going for. We're not settling for anything less." -- Felton (N&O)

"If you watched the way I played this year, that's the easiest question to answer -- that I'm going to be here, that I'm going to continue to work on things with Coach,'' May said. "I know there's a lot of things I need to work on." "Everyone knows they have a lot of things they need to work on," said May, who fell five rebounds shy of averaging a double-double. "We all have our goals. We all want to be in St. Louis, and we want to win." -- May (H-S)

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