LV Showcase: Day 3 Report

HENDERSON, Nev. – Rick Pitino and Roy Williams were among the dignitaries in the house on Sunday at the Las Vegas Spring Showcase.

Pump & Run Spring Tournament – In order to see as many teams as possible, we switched from the Pump event to the Las Vegas Showcase for Sunday's playoffs. Seattle Rotary defeated High 5 America Arizona #1 in the championship game of that event.

Final Day, Las Vegas Spring Showcase

Championship round – Houston Hoops defeated Team Texas 87-83 to win the championship. In the semifinals, Team Texas downed Belmont Shore and Houston Hoops beat the Southern Cal All-Stars.

2005 Checklist

Fendi Onobun, SF/PF, Houston Hoops: The Arizona-bound forward led his team with 17 points in the championship game. Onobun put in work on the glass and was active the entire day. He had good energy and made plays as his team slugged out a pair of tough wins late in the playoffs.

David Devezin, PG, Houston Hoops: He rallied his team in the semis and showed many that he's a high major level lead guard. He's quick, can get by guys, makes open 3s and like a lot of sub-six-footers, he shoots the floater well. He had 23 points in a huge semifinal effort.

Calvin Miles, SF, Team Texas: Here's a guy who took his game to another level this weekend. The athleticism, slick drives and acrobatic finishes were enough to cement his status as one of the elite wings in the class. Sometimes his shot selection isn't so savvy, but the lefty can make 3s and smoke guys off the bounce. Big timer.

Seketoure Henry, SG, Belmont Shore: This is a young man that made a big name for himself before running out of steam in the playoffs. The lefty was dialed in from deep for most of the day and has some sweet athleticism. He's a catch and shoot 3, runout and get steals kind of guard. The Kareem Abdul-Jabbar-like sweeping hoop was an invention of his own and his explosiveness can't go unnoticed.

Jamal Boykin, PF/SF, Belmont Shore: You can always count on him to compete. He's not the most orthodox forward but he gets results. With Rick Pitino looking on for a good part of the day, Boykin played as if it were an audition. You can't argue with the final numbers he was able to accumulate at the end of each game. Strong weekend performance.

Horace Dixon, PF, South Carolina Elite: The 6-8 forward came into the event a relative unknown. He put in work at the rim and in the paint. He's athletic and has a very live body.

Bryan Harvey, SG, So Cal All-Stars: For a good part of the day, Harvey was lighting up the scoreboard. It's almost like he's programmed to score the basketball. Be it jumpers or tough drives, he's got an array of tricks in his bag. Here's to hoping he won't need a year of prep school to get ready for college.

South Florida Heat Trio: We talk about them as a unit because the whole was greater than the individual parts in this case. These guys played hard and really made some noise in their first playoff game. The tallest of the trio is 6-7 wing Brian Asbury and he's flanked by two ultra-athletic guys. Alonzo Gee, a 6-6 forward and big time football player is a helluva athlete. Chanie Coley is 6-6 and is an explosive leaper.

Joey Shaw, SF, Arizona Magic Blue: Add him to the likely high-major list on the wing forward side. He's a skinny kid with range and is the prototypical Pac-10 3-man once he puts on some muscle. Aggressive and athletic, he's got range on the jumper. Did well for himself in Vegas.

2006 Checklist

Christian Polk, SG/PG, Arizona Magic White: We loved him last year and he's shot up to 6-3. The stroke is there and he's loves the game. Good player who has shown more improvement.

Matt Shaw, PF, California Elite: Shaw is a legit face-up power forward who doesn't neglect his interior responsibilities. He's got touch on his jumper which is reliable from mid-range and he's got the shoulders and frame to work it inside. Nice player and a high-major no doubt.

News & Notes

Louisville head coach Rick Pitino was up bright and early standing front and center to watch Belmont Shore forward Jamal Boykin. … The Pac-10 was well represented Sunday morning as Washington's Lorenzo Romar and Oregon State's Jay John watched power forward Brett Hoerner. …

Seketoure Henry is listing Southern Cal, Arizona State, California, Oregon, Oregon State, Pepperdine, Air Force, San Diego State and San Diego. … Charlotte head coach Bobby Lutz watched South Carolina Elite forward Horace Dixon. South Carolina, Tulane, Clemson and Virginia Tech are also worth noting. … Team Texas small forward Michael Prince is hearing from Texas Tech, Pepperdine, Kansas and Tulsa. Tech and Pepperdine came to see him at his school during the open period. …

Winger Harvey Perry of the Arizona Magic will attend prep school next season despite late overtures from some high-major programs. Arkansas would like to get him onto campus in a few weeks. Arkansas, Georgia Tech and UCLA are some programs worthy of mentioning for next year. … Jay John of Oregon State was chasing Joey Shaw most of the day. …

UNC head coach Roy Williams spent some time watching California Elite sophomore forward James Keefe. However, the bulk of his day was spent trailing Team Texas wing Calvin Miles. Texas and Arizona were also prominent in the stands on Sunday. …

Marquette, Kansas, Oklahoma State, Florida, Missouri and Nebraska watched KC Pump & Run forward Leo Criswell on Sunday. Golden Eagles head coach Tom Crean was in the stands. …

Houston Hoops forward Jeremy Bahr sports, get this: a size 22 sneaker. He's hearing early from Marquette, Arizona, UCLA and Oklahoma. He's a 6-7 behemoth. … Houston Hoops lead guard David Devezin has a top two of Okalahoma State and Florida State. Both watched him on Sunday. … Marcellus Bennett, a tight end and standout and on the Houston Hoops as a power forward, is hearing from Miami, Wisconsin, Arizona, Texas A&M, Duke, Texas, UCLA and Wisconsin for football. He'd like to play both in college. …

Scout's Seat

Brett Hoerner of Belmont Shore has a skill package to his game. Right now, he's struggling with the physical part of the game and hasn't added much strength since last year. … California Elite post man Matt Shaw has a big time touch for a power forward. …

Jamal Boykins is going to bust his tail 100% of the time that much is for sure. He stays active and plays with energy. He will have some difficulties scoring against size. … Team Texas power forward Kevin Rogers is flirting with a big time breakout performance. If he can just increase his confidence level he'll start hammering opponents. For example, he was average against Portland until Kevin Love began exerting himself. Once Love stepped it up, Rogers figured it was time to play and showed well. …

Watch out for California Elite sophomore power forward James Keefe. His reputation is starting to get bigger. … Team Texas guard Terrel Harris did some sweet things athletically. Not many guards grab a rebound, weave through traffic and finish the coast-to-coast jaunt with a one-handed dunk in traffic. …

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