UNC-HU Postgame: Matt Doherty

Opening Remarks:

"It was certainly disappointing to lose a game, and I strongly feel that it's my fault that I did not do a better job of preparing our team for a zone defense, and I should have. I take full responsibility for that. I put the guys in a bad position by not doing a better job of preparing them for a zone. We got exposed in that regard.

"Give them a lot of credit. I thought they made some shots early when we didn't and they could just back off, back off, and it really jammed things inside for Kris. We need to guard better, we need to make shots, and we need to take care of the basketball. I don't think we did those things, but we will do those things.

Do you think this was a wake-up call?

"No, I don't think it's a wake-up call. We lost by 31 points in an exhibition game. This is no wake-up call. They are not an ACC team, but they're a good team, and they have a guard who is very good, and they've got some players around him that are tough and can put the ball in the basket, and they are quick. Some of our weaknesses got exposed, and those things we'll have to improve on, but I don't consider it a wake-up call.

"Our kids tried. We might take some lumps, but we will get better."

You said you have to guard better, but they only shot 39 percent. Did you mean the 3-point line or dribble penetration?

"I think dribble penetration. I think we've got to be able to get out and guard people and not give up so many open shots. I thought they shot well early. In the first half they shot 47 percent—36 [percent] from the three. That's mainly what I was talking about.

"In the second half, we went small so we could guard better. I though Melvin did a very good job on the ball. I though Jackie did a good job on the ball. I think there are some positives that we have to take away from this game, and we will. Again, I think I did a poor job of preparing the team for a zone offense.

Considering how things went in this game, do you anticipate seeing a lot of zone?

"No question. If I'm the opposing coach, I'm going to play zone. If I'm McKillop, I'm playing zone, If I'm Mike Davis, I'm playing zone, until we prove that we can do a better job. I do believe that Brian Morrison's a very good shooter. You don't expect him to go 2-10 from the 3-point line. Some of them were very good shots. Jason Capel was 1-9, and he's a very good shooter. I think he's still trying to find his legs after having time off from practice with his hamstring."

When you said that you weren't prepared for the zone, did you mean for this team or in general?

"Just in general, I think I need to do a better job of getting our guys ready for zone offense. I need to do a better job of giving this guys, not only some set plays, but some continuity against the zone. I didn't do that."

At half-time you had taken 21 3-pointers. Is that OK? What was your message at half-time?

"I've been struggling with this for two games, and I guess I'm going to have to make some hard decisions on who can shoot and who can't and when we can shoot and when we can't. They played a zone and they give you some open looks. If you make them, great, but if you miss them, maybe all of a sudden you start getting tight. You try to get the ball inside to Kris, but if they are playing off you, it's kind of a catch-22."

As you go back to the practice floor and you teach, how should a team attack what you saw tonight?

"I think we need to do a better job of ball fakes. I think we need to do a better job of making two guys play you. We need to do a better job of getting the ball inside. I thought at times we did a good job of driving the zone. You just can't set out there and shoot jumpers. We need different looks against a zone and more concepts—more teaching how to play against a zone versus set plays."

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