UNC-Duke - Post game quotes

Quotes from Coach Bunting, the players, and Coach Franks

North Carolina's Head Coach John Bunting Post-Game Comments:

"I guess there's something about that two-headed quarterback, isn't there?"

"It was really good to win again; it seemed like those last two weeks would take forever.   Our team is very happy; I'm very happy. My hat's off to Duke.  They came out here and played hard.  They've been doing that all year.  Our guys responded very well, particularly in the second half.  It was important to us to come out and play well in the second half.  They closed the gap, and we just took off from there."

"It's encouraging to us from a football program standpoint.  Obviously it's important for us to finish on a winning note, 5-3 in the ACC.  I'm very happy with that record our first year together here as a staff and a team."

"They were blitzing a great deal, and we threw the ball frequently because it's hard to run sometimes when you're getting blitzed over and over.  We were able to pick up some long gainers because that's what happens sometimes when you blitz, and we were able to make some plays.  Our receivers have done a terrific job all year."

"Defensively, it was really good to come back and play a solid game.  When you look back, we gave up one big play in the first half in a scramble situation.  We kind of lost sight of our coverage and they made a play and were able to go down and punch one in.  But beyond that, I believe we played pretty good defense, had good pressure, and played good run defense, which was important to me."

On Ronald Curry:

"I think Ronald is a real happy guy, to be back and playing ball again, and I was happy to see him do it.  [The touchdown run] was one of the most phenomenal runs I've ever seen.  I went right over to Darian and said, ‘Don't you ever try to do that.'  There's only one guy that can do that and it's Ronald Curry.  It looked like shades of Fran Tarkenton out there.  He made about nineteen different cuts; he almost got called for delay of game it took so long."

"I love being around Ronal Curry.  He's a special guy and a very talented athlete.  He's done an awful lot for this university.  I'm very happy to see him close out his ACC career with a big win."

On Darian Durant:

"I think Darian Durant is the ultimate team player.  Darian has gotten some tremendous experience this year.  It should help him be a better quarterback for us this year and next year."

On Sam Aiken:

"Sam is the guy that started all this, way back when against Florida State.  He's the one who got the wide receivers going and turned on Kory Bailey and turned on Bosley Allen.  Sam Aiken is a very good football player." 



UNC Player Quotes

Ronald Curry:

"We really wanted to come out heads up in the third quarter and not wait until the fourth quarter to put it out. I think the team did a great job in the third quarter."

"Sam [Aiken] has been impressive all year.  He worked very hard this summer and made himself better and it's showing."

Darian Durant:

"[The game] was fun with the kind of third quarter we had.  At first, we were having a little bit of doubt because they tried to make it a game.  But once we got up big, we started having fun playing the kind of ball we've been playing."  

Ryan Sims:

"The loss last week was a big loss because it was an in-state rival.  Today didn't take that away.  But, at the same time, we played good today and came back and bounced back and were ready to play."

"We have concentrated a lot on defensive things, making the correct steps and getting in the right holes and just making the tackle when the coach puts you in the game."

Kory Bailey:

"I think [Curry] had an excellent game.  He picked up the blitzes really well.  He threw the ball really well.  And, on the run plays, he ran really well.  On his running touchdown, it was just amazing to watch him out there doing the things he's capable of doing.  I told him it reminded me of a high school play because they are always crazy like that and they always end up working out for us.  I was impressed with the way he played today."

"I think we just had the mindset of just taking these last two games and the frustration they gave us and just taking it out on Duke and doing everything that we're capable of doing.  We knew they were going to bring a lot of blitzes and take a lot of chances and if we were able to pick those up and execute then we were going to have some big plays."

Jacque Lewis:

"I'm still shocked that I got a touchdown.  It is the first touchdown of my college career.  It is something that every running back or anyone dreams of doing, scoring a touchdown on offense.  I was very excited."

"We knew that we had to get our running game back on track because, with just one more game in the season and a possible bowl game, we have to have a rushing attack to have a balanced offense."


Duke's Head Coach Carl Franks

"We talked about trying to play two halves.  We played pretty good in the first half.  We gave up some big plays, 3rd and 19, plays like that, but we'd done good to have it within two touchdowns."

"Our defense came out and played well in the beginning of the second half.  We got the ball in good field position and took it down and scored; and it was a seven-point game.  A that point, we forgot how to tackle and how to block.  We weren't able to put the two halves together.  They made a lot of great plays, a lot of great athletic plays on offense."

"What we wanted to do on offense was not get into a game where we had to drop back and throw it every time.  That's tough against their defense.  They've got about eight seniors, nine if you count (Julius) Peppers, and a bunch of those guys have a chance to play in the NFL.  So, if you get in a game where you get way behind, it gets tough to drop back and throw it because they can just come after your quarterback.  We just didn't move the ball well enough on offense to keep our defense off the field in the second half."



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