Checking in with Marcus Ginyard.

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA--UNC 2005 commitment, Marcus Ginyard, has recently switched his AAU allegiance from the DC Blue Devils to the powerhouse Boo Williams squad, and the transition has proceeded to Ginyard's liking—though there are still kinks to be ironed out.

"The best part about the change is the heart, the desire, that these guys play with all the time, compared with my last team. No one is above that here, and it is refreshing to be around a group of guys that give it all they've got 100% of the time," Ginyard said after his team steamrolled yet another opponent en route to the playoffs of the Southern Invitational.

While acclimating to a new team, Ginyard is also getting used to a new position. He has spent the majority of his time with Boo Williams at the point, and the transition is going well—though not easily.

"It's rough; I enjoy it, and it is coming along as well as I could have expected, but it is definitely rough. I like playing over there, but it comes with its down times that are tough to get through. You haveto, though," said Ginyard of the transition.

Ginyard's statistics from the first three games of the Invitational aren't overwhelming, as he averaged four points, two assists, and two steals as his playing time was limited to less than 15 minutes in each contest. In the final two games of the day Ginyard didn't crack the 10 minute mark in terms of playing time due to the exceedingly lopsided scores. Thus far in the event, Boo Williams has yet to see a serious threat, and Ginyard is somewhat frustrated with that fact.

"It is hard to judge my progress at the point, and my progress getting used to my new teammates, when each game is a 40-point victory," Ginyard said. "It is a bit frustrating, but hopefully in the later rounds we will get a better gauge of where we are."

Ginyard did what he always seems to do, play great defense, and the brief periods he was able to run the point were encouraging. He seemed comfortable with the ball in the open court and didn't have any glaring turnovers, but the defensive pressure was admittedly weak.

The stronger guards at the event remain in the playoff bracket, so Ginyard may well get his wish for a challenging contest on Sunday against the Playaz in round two and potentially the DC Blue Devils, his old team, in the finals.

In the hopes of catching a game where Ginyard is able to truly test his developing point guard abilities, Inside Carolina will continue to follow Boo Williams' progress through the Southern Invitational.

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