Football Recruiting Update: 11/18/01

Inside Carolina interviewed Top OL Derek Morris and DE/TE Moe Thompson following their unofficial visit to Chapel Hill for the Duke game.

Derek Morris

Derek also went to the State/Maryland game following the Carolina/Duke game. He said he enjoyed the State/Maryland game more because it was a better game. He thought that Carolina played well which was what he expected against Duke. He spoke briefly with Coach Bunting. Coach Bunting told him that Carolina would really like to get him to Chapel Hill for an official visit. Derek has one or two official visits left to schedule depending on if he decides to follow through with a visit to Florida. He plans to visit TN officially next. He also plans to travel to Gainesville to catch the TN/FL game as an unofficial visit. He has not decided who will get his final two official visits.

Moe Thompson

Moe also came to Chapel Hill on an unofficial visit for the Duke game. He said it was a nice visit. He thought the campus was really pretty. He has been to Clemson and South Carolina and said that the UNC football facilities were better than either of those two schools. He had the opportunity to talk with Coaches Caldwell and Browning. He expects to set up his official visit to Carolina next week that he anticipates will occur in December (if he can get it scheduled for that). Moe's football team lost in the first round of the playoffs so his season is done. However, he is a member of the basketball team and their season begins soon. Last year as a junior, Moe averaged 17 ppg from his power forward position. As far as leaders, Moe said that UNC and SCAR are even and they lead Clemson and FSU. Others involved are Auburn, Georgia, and Maryland.

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