Southern Inv. Spotlight: Kevin Durant

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA – Kevin Durant simply oozes potential. The 6-9 sophomore WF/BF is a long-armed and slender athlete with huge hands and a quick elevator off the floor. Better yet, he's an agile ball-handler and his pull-up jumper—consistent to beyond the three point arc—is truly a thing of beauty.

He's capable of taking games over at times, too, as evidenced by his 16 first-half points against Positive Image, leading his team to a huge victory with a total of 18 points after playing only a couple of minutes in the second half.

The scary thing about Durant is that he's got room to improve. The baby-faced sophomore will really benefit from adding muscle to his very slender frame. He's still got a few rebounding lessons to learn, as he was consistently out of position, costing him boards to shorter players with better box out skills. Also, as long and quick off the floor as he is, Durant could be a tremendous shot blocker down the road, but he's a little bit off on his timing. Additionally, his huge size 20 feet aren't quite yet quick enough to keep up with opposing perimeter players.

Those caveats aside, it's very hard not to like Durant's game. His scoring tools are just sickening, and he loves to drive to the hoop from the top of the key for half hooks and soft floaters. He's nimble on the baseline, too, but it's the mid-range pull ups that leave viewers clamoring for a second look—and Durant knows it. "My pull-up jumper is the best part of my game," Durant said. "I need to work on my defense and get stronger, as you know."

Durant said patterns his game after Kevin Garnett, and for the multitude of players that claim KG-like skills, he's one of the few for whom it is a realistic aspiration—and colleges have already taken notice.

"I'm looking at Georgia, Georgia Tech, Louisville, North Carolina, Duke, and Maryland," Durant said. "Mostly, I'm looking for how a school develops its players and their academic programs."

As for what he likes about the Tar Heels, Durant said "I just like the coaches and stuff like that. I just like it, to be honest."

Off the court, Durant's interests mirror his offensive artistry on the court. "I like to read and write," Durant said. "I like to draw, play video games, and stuff like that," he added, noting that Madden and NBA Live are his favorite video games. "I really like T.S. Eliot"

The talented youngster also noted that he'd probably like to make a decision about his college future by the middle of next year.

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