Phelps says he's qualified

North Carolina 2004 signee Daniel "Willie" Phelps may have flown underneath the radar a bit as some schools did not expect him to qualify. But UNC assistant coach Hal Hunter stayed on him and hit paydirt as Phelps says he is now qualified.

"I am scheduled to start in August, but I think I might try to get there earlier," Phelps told Inside Carolina via a telephone interview from his Sarasota, Fla. home Sunday evening.

Phelps is one of several Tar Heel newcomers that can be described as explosive. There aren't many incoming freshmen that can boast of a kickoff return average of 47 yards per kick (including two for touchdowns).

"They stopped kicking to me," Phelps said of his senior year at Booker. "I only had five that were kicked to me."

Who could blame opponents purposely kicking away from a guy that scores 40-percent of the time he touches the ball. Phelps played strong at defensive back as well, tallying 47 tackles.

Phelps said he is looking forward to coming to Chapel Hill.

"I wanted to go to a school with a good academic reputation," Phelps said. "I saw that for myself when I made my official visit. I also wanted to go to a school where I would not be bored and maybe get to missing home. Chapel Hill is the kind of place that I think I will enjoy and not get homesick."

Phelps said his family is looking forward to his opportunity as well.

"I think they may be even more excited about it than I am."

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