Sean May Q&A

This weekend, Sean May's signed letter of intent arrived in Chapel Hill. The star power forward is now officially a Tar Heel. <i>Inside Carolina</i>'s Jeff Goodman conducted the following interview with the newest member of the Carolina family.

Inside Carolina: What was the pivotal factor in your decision to choose North Carolina over Indiana and Louisville?

Sean May: The deciding factor was that I talked to a couple guys I really look up to and they told me to make the best decision for you. It was really all pluses for Carolina – the easy way out for me would have been to stay at home.

IC: Did the meeting with coach (Bobby) Knight before you made your decision have any impact?

May: The reason we went to Texas Tech was for my dad. They hadn't talked in a while and I just basically agreed to go down to see him. We only talked for about 20 minutes and he basically told me the same thing the other people close to me said. He told me to make the best decision for myself – to take all the other little things out of the equation.

IC: How difficult was it telling people in Indiana that you weren't staying at home?

May: It was really hard. The toughest person to tell was my brother (Scott Jr.) – he's also my best friend and we're so close. We're only 11 months apart. But he took it real well, because he basically knew it was coming.

IC: Did the fact that Carolina hadn't signed a top big man have anything to do with your decision?

May: Not really. I just felt that staying at home and having everyone tell me how good I was wouldn't help me as much. Being at Carolina will help me work harder. Carolina prepares players for the NBA and that's my ultimate goal – to go to the NBA."

IC: Was there anything else that really have the Tar Heels the edge?

May: Phil Ford was real close with my father on the Olympic team and he told my dad he'd look after me. They spend a while summer at Chapel Hill on the Olympic team. On our unofficial visit, we were going through game film with coach Doherty and things weren't really running all that smoothly. Then Phil Ford knocked on the door and the whole atmosphere changed. You could tell my dad felt so comfortable knowing that Phil was there.

IC: How good would you rate the three-man class with you, Raymond (Felton) and Rashad (McCants) and do you feel you need to get another quality big man?

May: Raymond is the type of point guard that every big man wants to play with and Rashad just does it all. We're all going to make each other better. But we do need another big man.

IC: What was the reaction around Bloomington after you made your announcement?

May: The day I made my decision my friends already knew before. I told them, but I don't think they really believed I was going to go through with it. The day after I announced I was scared to go to school, but it was a lot better than I thought. I heard a lot of people say things like they weren't going to go to my games – and those are basically people I don't want there, anyway. Some feel that I owed it to them, but they don't realize that I have to do what's best for me.

IC: How did your dad react to you not following in his footsteps at IU?

May: I think he was upset – but not at the fact that I was going to Carolina. He was happy that I was choosing a school that was best for me, but he was upset that coach Knight got fired because it would have been unheard of for a coach to have both a father and a son do so well.

IC: Are you looking forward to trying to get a state title in your senior year?

May: Yeah. We start our season next Wednesday against Richmond. We're preseason number one and trying to redeem ourselves from last year when we got beat by Chris Thomas' team in the final four. Two years ago, we lost to Zach Randolph's team in the finals.

IC: How much do you – and will you - keep up with the Carolina team this year?

May: I'm on Inside Carolina after every game. That site is huge. The first time I got on I couldn't believe it. The amount of people is great and it's so much easier than searching for information.

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