Heels co-leaders for Ohio WR

Wide receiver Richard Quinn of Maple Heights is one of the true sleepers in the state of Ohio this year. And now he's starting to get some serious looks.

"I've been invited to Iowa, Michigan State, West Virginia, North Carolina, and Pitt," he said. "Iowa and North Carolina are talking about offers."

Now that things are picking up recruiting-wise, Quinn is starting to get into the recruiting process a bit more.

"I am now taking this more seriously now that I'm getting to see schools," he said. "I can see where things are starting to happen. I can make things happen for myself. I am now seeing that it is possible."

Quinn took in the Michigan State spring game ("I saw that they throw the ball a lot," he said) and plans on camping at North Carolina, Duke, and Michigan State.

He has fine size for a wideout and is working on getting even better.

"I'm 6-4, 220," he said. "I do a 4.6. I think I can do better than that though. I'm benching about 295.

"I'm at a 2.5 core. (On the ACT) I made an 18 my first time. I plan on taking it again."

With that size, is tight end a possibility?

"I played a little tight end, so I can work with that," he said. "I don't know if I will commit early, it depends on who offers."

What will be the factors in his decision?

"I want to major in sports medicine or computer science, so education is a priority," he said. "And the weather. If I have the option, I'd like to play in warm weather."

Any favorites right now?

"Michigan State, Pitt and North Carolina," Quinn said.

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