'He's better suited to play the point'

The calls filled up Mike Mullins' mailbox, but the Illinois Wolves coach wasn't the only target two weekends ago. Pat Richardson wasn't immune to the barrage.

"I heard about Bobby('s performance) Saturday night," said the Brother Rice (Ill.) head coach. "I got calls at home and talked to coaches all day and all night on Sunday."

Richardson said that plenty of schools, along with North Carolina, tried to get involved – but that the Frasor family didn't feel that expanding the field was such a good idea at such a late date.

So, after schools like Florida and Georgetown were turned away, the only newcomer allowed in was North Carolina – and Michigan State was allowed back in after taking a hiatus for a while.

One of the primary reasons why Richardson feels Frasor exploded in Houston was due to preparation. His total against Team Texas of 24 points was more than he has ever scored for Richardson.

In fact, Frasor finished fifth in his own league in MVP voting this past year and wasn't even voted the MVP of his own team. That honor went to unsigned senior Dave Telander, an undersized two-guard.

"I told Bobby that he'd better shoot for us like he did in AAU," Richardson joked. "But we've got a shooting gun and he's been living on that before he goes to first period class every morning. He works on it before school and then works on his shooting without the gun before weight-lifting practice after school."

"The only thing he needs to do is become a consistently good outside shooter," added Richardson.

The problem that Richardson often has with his star point guard (Frasor plays the two-guard spot in the summer because of Bryan Mullins) is that he's too unselfish at times.

"Bob gets as much pleasure out of giving a guy an assist as he does when he scores," Richardson said. "I think most of the coaches like his ability to make good decisions."

"Most people are recruiting him as a point guard who can also play off the ball," added Richardson. "I think he'll be somebody's point guard in college. The way he can avoid being trapped and make good decisions. I think he's better suited to play the point, but he's more than capable of playing off-guard, also."

Richardson's week was nearly as chaotic as Frasor's immediately after the Kingwood Classic. Stanford already had an in-school visit set up for Monday, the team banquet was Tuesday, N.C. State and Michigan State came in on Wednesday and both Illinois and North Carolina made the trip for Thursday. Then Frasor left for his official visit – his first – to Marquette.

"It's been really crazy for Bobby and his family lately," Richardson said. "But he's the type of kid that can handle it."

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