RB Tom Clayton Interview

Inside Carolina interviewed the outstanding RB prospect from Northern Virginia. Tom was originally scheduled for a December official visit but rescheduled it for the Duke game.

Tom Clayton Interview

Inside Carolina – Tom, I understand that you visited Chapel Hill for the Duke game. How did it go?
Clayton – It was wonderful. It was everything that I have been looking for in a school. I really felt like I fitted in.

IC – Did you commit?
Clayton – No, but I was close. Carolina has a big lead.

IC – What would you say is the percent chance that you will go to Carolina?
Clayton – I'd say about 85%. I think I should take the rest of my official visits. At least the FSU one. I'm not sure if I will take my last one. Syracuse is a possibility.

IC – When do you think you will decide?
Clayton – Soon. My FSU visit is in a couple of weeks. After that I should be ready to decide. But you never know. I may decide next week.

IC – How did your family like Chapel Hill?
Clayton – My mom loved it. My Dad was blown away when we went down to the equipment room and they had my name on a jersey with my number.

IC – Did you meet any of the players?
Clayton – I met the RBs.

IC – How did you get along with them?
Clayton – Great.

IC – Did you meet Darian Durant?
Clayton – Yes he seems like a good guy. He is shorter than I thought but he can play. Looks like all the pieces are in place to make a run at the ACC championship except they could use a premiere back..

IC – Did Coach Bunting talk about is vision for you with respect to Carolina Football?
Clayton – Yes. He says that I remind him of Marshall Faulk (when JB was with the Rams). It's funny because Marshall Faulk is my favorite player. That is the way the whole weekend went. Everything just seemed right.

IC – Thanks Tom. We'll call you back next week to see how you are thinking.
Clayton – That would be great.

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