UNC-Davidson Postgame: Locker Room Report

UNC Tar Heels Kris Lang, Jason Capel, and Melvin Scott share their thoughts following UNC's 58-54 loss to the Davidson Wildcats

Kris Lang

How do you remain confident after this?

"That's the challenge for us now to keep our head up. We're a young team. Jason and I and Brian Bersticker are seniors. We have to keep confidence in the team. There's a whole season out there, and we have a lot of growing to do—and we're going to do it."

How did the zone you faced tonight compare to the zone in the Hampton game?

"It wasn't really any different. I was able to get more touches on the inside, but I wasn't able to produce. That was very frustrating for me. They are counting on me as a senior, if I do get the ball inside in a zone, to hit shots. A quite frankly, right now I'm just not hitting shots, plain and simple.

You and Jason combined for 7-28 from the field tonight. Do you guys feel pressure to take all those shots, and how can you get other guys involved?

"We don't feel pressure to take the shots. We're the older guys, and we know what's going on. We feel more comfortable, we have more confidence, and we are going to shoot the shots. As far as everyone else, we encourage them to shoot the ball, and they do that. We just have to find our comfort zone out there right now."

What happened on the play where Jason passed you the ball at the end?

"Jason passed it right to me. It hit me right in the chest, and it went off me. I fumbled the catch. That's all there was to it."

Jason Capel

Analyze this for us. In these first two games what are some steps you've got to take to turn this thing around?

"I don't know. We just have to get better. It would help if we had some chemistry. We have so many guys going in and out now and stuff like that. It's hard to get into the flow if the game. Guys are still learning, but the biggest thing is guys are working hard.

"We're making a lot of mistakes out there, both offensively and defensively. I think it's defense. Defense wins basketball games. If we play defense, we'll have a shot at winning.

"This is what I've been waiting for, and I'm not taking advantage of it right now, but I will. I'll get better, and the team will get better."

You held Davidson to 58 points on 39% shooting. I don't know that it was your defense. They shot below 40%, and you guys shot 30%.

"They made the plays and we didn't. I'm not saying that our defense was horrible, but when the score is tied and we needed a stop to go down and win the game, we didn't make the play. We have to do that, and we have to shoot the ball better. Those are things we can correct, and we will get better."

Are you kind of in shock right now?

"Yes, definitely. Definitely in shock. It's kind of hard to swallow when you work so hard and set out to do things, and you get to the forefront, and it doesn't happen. It also hurts that the fact that all this stuff was said about us, and we're not doing anything about it. But I think we will. We all have a common goal—and that's to win—and we're all going to work together and turn this thing around."

Can you talk about what it means to be a senior at North Carolina? You said that Matt said not to take wearing "North Carolina" on your chest as a burden, but there is a lot of responsibility with being a senior at UNC on the basketball team.

"It's a lot of responsibility, but it comes with the territory. It's nothing that you can run away from. It's something that you look forward to—it's a privilege and an honor. I'm disappointed in myself because we're 0-2, and I feel I can do a lot more. I just have to shoot the ball better. I think I'm playing hard and trying to lead the guys. I'm just not shooting the ball well, but I will. I want to be a part of turning this around."

Melvin Scott

I'm sure you're disappointed in the loss, but it looks like you took some steps and grew up a little bit out there tonight. What did you think of your performance?

"I think I played well. Coach gave me an opportunity, and I took advantage of it. Despite the loss, I think we could have played harder, and I think I could have played harder. It's a team effort, so my individual performance didn't get us the win."

You looked like a pinball in a pinball machine out there at times. How much more physical is it in college than high school?

"Much more physical. It's a whole different level mentally and physically, and it's very different from where I came from high school. I've just got to get my body ready and my mind ready."

You young guys haven't experienced a college win yet. How do you keep positive and keep confident?

"We learn from the other guys. They went on a streak last year. Every team has their downfalls. We've just got to dig in and get one."

You looked like you felt more comfortable tonight. Did you?

"Yes, I did. My teammates, after the first loss, were like, 'Come on Melvin, it's your time to step up.' They made me feel comfortable, so I stepped in and hit big shots."

I don't think you took any bad shots, but you took more shots tonight. Was that something that Matt or the other players asked you to do?

"Coach told me to go out and not to try to be Superman, but 'If you get a good look, take it,' and that's what I did tonight."

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