Bynum wants to visit UNC

Andrew Bynum will end up being a very important recruit for somebody. He's a legit 7-footer, who at 280 pounds can actually move. He's got grades. And he's going to go to college. No doubt about it.

No NBA worries here just yet.

The 2005 post prospect from St. Josephs HS (N.J.) isn't even one of the top 25 players in the country. He may not even be one of the top 50. But he's still a very appealing prospect. One that could evolve into a big time center in the college basketball ranks if he puts the work in that's necessary to reach his full potential.

And there's no question about his potential. It's there. It's attainable. And it's just up to Bynum to go get it.

The 17-year-old junior certainly has some room to improve his status on a national level. But he's already got plenty of positives that aren't going to be ignored by many college coaches.

Bynum stuffs Tyler Hansbrough at the 2004 Boo Williams Invitational
He's being recruited by about a dozen high majors right now -- and some offers have been starting to come in, slowly, but surely.

"Right now, I'm thinking I have five solid offers," said Bynum, from his New Jersey home. "Virginia Tech, Clemson and Rutgers have offered. So have Georgetown and Seton Hall."

North Carolina has also shown some interest, according to Bynum.

"Yeah, they've been sending a bunch of letters. A whole lot of letters actually. Most of them just say that they want me to go there. That they want me to visit and stuff."

And the big guy thinks he just may take the staff up on their offer.

"I definitely want to visit," he said. "I'm thinking about taking a visit there this summer or something. Carolina is definitely on my A list."

Bynum, who runs with the New Jersey All Stars on the summer circuit, has plans to attend the Nike All American Camp, Five-Star Camps and The Super Showcase in the next four months. And in the meantime, he's got some things he'd like to work on.

"Basically, I just have to work on my dribbling skills and my strength. Keep getting stronger and get more rebounds. I know I'll play inside, so those are the things that I would most like to improve on."

Bynum averaged 17 points and 13 rebounds last season.


Andrew Bynum has a lot of size. He's a true center. Standing nearly 7-0 tall, he's got a tremendous wing span, very long legs and he's actually pretty broad as well. Not the quickest feet in the world -- but his size more than makes up for it. He causes fits on the defensive side of the floor with his big body. He's such an obstacle to go around and/or shoot over.

Agility wise -- he does run the floor -- but his strength may be in the half-court set right now. He runs well for his size, but playing in a fast-paced game right now shows stamina as an area that needs improvement. Much more effective on the defensive end, but can finish close to the basket with short shots and dunks.

Needs to work on physical conditioning and post skills. Once he becomes more explosive and quick with his reactions -- he could be a very good college player. Potential wise, he has the upside to live up to the comparison of Brendan Haywood. But he does have a lot of work to do to get to that level.

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