Tar Heel Fans' Guide to the TOC

The 2004 Tournament of Champions tips off tonight in the Triangle and we've put together a list of UNC targets in attendance and where they'll be playing throughout the weekend. If you can't make it to the games, rest assured <i>Inside Carolina</i> will have comprehensive coverage (interviews, action photos, analysis, stats, etc.) starting late tonight.

What: 2004 Tournament of Champions
When: May 28-30
Where: The Triangle (UNC, Duke, NC State and area high schools)
Tickets: Available at the door - $5 per day $10 for the entire weekend

Sorting through 128 teams and 21 area venues can be confusing, so here's a breakdown of the UNC targets scheduled to be in attendance at the 2004 Tournament of Champions and where they'll be playing.


Bobby Frasor (Illinois Wolvers)
Fri 8:00pm - Smith Center Practice Court
Sat 11:30am - Wilson (Duke) Ct 2
Sat 4:40 - Smith Center Ct 2

Eric Boateng (Delaware Sharpshooters)
Fri 9:30pm - Cardinal Gibbons HS (Boateng may not arrive until Sat.)
Sat 11:30am - Weisiger (NCSU)
Sat 4:40pm - Smith Center Ct 2

Andray Blatche (Syracuse/Rochester)
Fri 6:30pm - Cameron
Sat 11:30am - Smith Center Ct 2
Sat 4:40pm - Wilson (Duke) Ct 1

Brandon Costner (The Playaz)
Fri 9:30pm - Reynolds
Sat 2:00pm - Cameron
Sat 7:00pm - Smith Center Ct 2

Eric Devendorf (Michigan Hurricanes)
Fri 8:00pm - Weisiger (NCSU)
Sat 2:00pm - Card (Duke)
Sat 4:40pm - Cameron

Amir Johnson (S. Calif. All-Stars)
Fri 8:00pm - Card (Duke)
Sat 10:00am - East Chapel Hill HS
Sat 7:00pm - Smith Center Ct 1

Ben McCauley (Pittsburgh Jotts)
Fri 6:30pm - Reynolds (NCSU)
Sat 2:00pm - Wilson (Duke) Ct 1
Sat 4:40pm - Carmichael (NCSU) Ct 2

Leo Criswell (KC Pump N' Run)
Fri 8:00pm - Durham Academy
Sat 11:30am - Smith Center Ct 2
Sat 4:40pm - Chapel Hill HS

Tyler Smith (Southeast Elite)
Fri 8:00pm - Wilson (Duke) Ct. 1
Sat 11:30am - Cameron
Sat 4:40pm - Reynolds


Kevin Durant (DC Select)
Fri 9:30pm - Cameron
Sat 11:30am - Cary Academy
Sat 7:00pm - Chapel Hill HS

Jamie Skeen (Carolina Celtics 16-U)
Fri 6:30pm - Chapel Hill HS
Sat 10:00am - Carmichael (NCSU) Ct 1
Sat 3:20pm - East Chapel Hill HS

For a full list of teams and the complete schedule, CLICK HERE.

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