'We both really like North Carolina'

It happens every year. Two elite players say they want to play with one another in college. It hardly ever happens. However, don't be surprised if C.J. Miles and Kevin Rogers stick together at the next level – and both could end up in Chapel Hill.

The recently turned best friends, who barely knew one another before they became Team Texas teammates a couple months ago, have three of their top four schools in common – including North Carolina – and both have said there is a high probability that they could be sharing a dorm room a little more than a year from now.

"Every school that is recruiting him is also recruiting me, except for Duke," Rogers said. "We've become really close since the first Team Texas practice and we talk about going to the same school all the time."

"We talked about it just the other day," Miles added. "It's what we're trying to do."

Rogers has North Carolina, Kansas, Georgia Tech and Baylor atop his list. Miles shares UNC, Kansas and Baylor – but replaces Paul Hewitt's program with Texas. Rogers is also seriously considering the Longhorns.

"We both really like North Carolina," Miles said. "We'll almost definitely take an official visit there. Carolina gets a lot of exposure and that's a big plus and even though it's farther away, we'd be together and that would make it a lot easier."

"With the type of players that have on their team and that they get, you never know if they'll go early in the draft or not," Miles added. "So it's tough to tell how much playing time we'd get right away."

Rogers is even holding off scheduling his official visits until Miles takes the SAT early next month. That way the pair can take their trips together.

"I think it's a real good chance that it'll happen," Rogers said. "I really do. I don't know why, but I really do. We just click and we have only been playing together for a little while. When we're on the court, it seems like we always know exactly where we'll be."

"Something drastic would have to happen right now for us not to go to the same school," Miles added. "I don't even know what it could be."

Miles had already taken an unofficial visit to Baylor a month or so ago, and Rogers just got back from one the other day.

"At first, neither one of us thought we'd consider going there," Miles said. "But when we thought about the fact that we could go together and the playing time is there. It's so close and is a perfect fit. Both of us went down there and really liked it, so it's one of the schools we're really looking at."

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