Thursday Hoops Links

Raleigh N&O - "We're not the most talented team, and I'm not going to pretend we are," Doherty said before the season. "But that doesn't mean we can't work hard, get better every day and be a good team." (The shock sets in)

Raleigh N&O - Simple passes weren't caught or sometimes even thrown. Interior players were frequently out of position to grab rebounds. The players' movement without the ball was methodical. There was no consistent defensive awareness. Third- and fourth-year players showed little savvy. (Doherty must do better job)

Charlotte Observer - UNC football player Ronald Curry sitting behind the bench. Julius Peppers joining him for the second half. Both going to the locker room after the game. Forget what you hear, even from Peppers' mouth: He hasn't ruled out playing hoops just yet. (Bitter sights from Chapel Hill)

Greensboro N&R - The Tar Heels are a collective 12-for-54 (.222) from 3-point range, which explains why they have lost to two teams from lesser conferences, each of which lacked its best player from the previous season and neither of which played particularly well. (A team out of focus )

Durham H-S - Kris Lang didn?t take long to follow Matt Doherty's advice. Less than two hours after Davidson beat UNC 58-54 on Tuesday night, there was Lang, out on the Smith Center court, taking jumpers and jump hooks in practice gear. (Bad shots, bad shocks for UNC)

W-S Journal - Melvin Scott, a freshman guard, knew just how bad the first week of the season had been, though. "If you had told me this would happen in my first two games, I wouldn't have believed you," he said. "It's another learning step for me, and it's another learning step for us." (UNC Woes: Tar Heels off to a troubling beginning)

Fayetteville Observer - But even if UNC suffers from a shortfall of talent, Doherty's job is to get the most out of what he has, and the coach has not done so in the Tar Heels' first two games. (Doherty must share blame)

Fayetteville Observer - The mood in the Smith Center Tuesday was one of shock. There was some scattered booing, but UNC's notoriously fickle fans have not turned on their team yet. (UNC hoop fans not ready to give up hope)

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