Balmer 'pushing it to the limit'

WELDON, N.C. -- Rarely does North Carolina 2004 football signee Kentwan Balmer have any free time these days. On Wednesday, <I>Inside Carolina</I> caught up with the Weldon High School senior and his coach, during a break from end of the year testing.

But winding up his academic requirements are not all that's on Balmer's plate by any means. And, it doesn't appear there will be time for much post-graduation vacation time.

"Whew, what am I not doing?" Balmer said as he struggled to squeeze his 6-foot-5, 250-pound frame in a student desk. "I'm in the weight room; I'm running; I'm drilling. I'm doing everything I can to get myself in the best physical shape that I can be in. From my understanding [UNC] training camp is the -- whew -- real deal. My coaches are pushing me to the physical limit right now.

"But they're not only stressing on the field and in the weight room, they're stressing academics, as well. That's a big deal for me, because that's what college is all about."

By the way, according to Chargers coach Grady Williams, Balmer will enroll this summer in UNC's Bridge Program.

As a part of his current workout regimen, Balmer said he has an additional goal in mind. The athletic defensive end doesn't look like he's getting smaller, but Balmer said he's actually trying to take off a few pounds by design.

"I lost a little bit, but it's coming in as muscle now," Balmer said. "That's kind of good."

Williams stated, "I hope to have him at a solid 240 -- solid. That's where I want him.

"We still think right now he's a little underdeveloped, but he's excited about it. He's been working his butt off to achieve his goals and get where he needs to be. It is a great honor to be at Carolina."

Balmer, with Weldon coach Grady Williams

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