TOC: One to Watch--Daequan Cook

DURHAM, N.C.--Although he's just a sophomore, Daequan Cook is already showing that he will be getting lots of calls from coaches across the country as soon as the NCAA allows. At 6-5, he has the skills to score and handle the ball.

Daequan Cook

Can you name schools that you are interested in attending?

North Carolina, Texas, UC, Kansas, Arizona, Wake Forest, Clemson, and Ohio State.

It's still pretty early, but you could be as little as a year away from a decision. What is your time table?

I haven't really made a decision yet because I haven't made any visits. I'm making progress as far as getting ready to start visiting schools. I'll have four or five schools in my junior year.

Schools can't call you yet, but they can send you mail. Who is showing you the most attention, right now?

The University of Texas, Clemson, and Arizona University.

Have you been a fan of any school since you were younger?

University of North Carolina.

Do you have leader?

North Carolina.

Do you have any interest in Duke at all?

A little bit, not a lot.

Have you heard anything from them?

No, sir.

What do you see as the strength of your game?

Most of the time, the position I play, there will be little players on me, so I usually go down to the post.

What position do you see yourself playing in college?

I see myself playing the one through the three, maybe more of the one or the two.

What do you need to work on the most?


You mentioned North Carolina several times. Have you watched the way Coach Williams wants to play?

Yeah, that's the way we play at the high school I'm at now--up and down, with a high post.

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