TOC: Clint's Notebook -- Bobby Frasor

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- After watching Bobby Frasor's 22-point (9-17 FG, 4-7 3pt) performance on Saturday afternoon, <i>Inside Carolina</i>'s Clint Jackson had filled pages and pages of notes. Here's a breakdown of his scouting report on the Chicago guard ...

6-3, 192
Chicago (Ill.) Rice

Erase all of the stereotypes.

Clear your mind of any preconceived opinions. Think OUTSIDE the box.

Bobby Frasor is a different type of basketball player. The Kirk Hinrich comparisons are good – but not completely on point.

First of all – the kid is quick. Very quick. He gets by the defenders with little to no trouble. Shaking, baking, shifting and leaving. He smokes the man-to-man defense.

His first step is nice. But it's not electric just yet. It's his acceleration and ability to turn the corner that makes him so good.

Frasor is a magnificent penetrator. He makes the offense happen.

Constantly scanning the court for cuts and always moving – he's a coach's player. A Roy Williams type of player.

In fact -- he fits that mold to perfection.

Best of all he let the game come to him. And he did it naturally. He took what the defense gave him. And he took it ALL NIGHT LONG.

This is a kid who truly understands the game of basketball. From spacing to screening to moving with or without the ball. He can catch and shoot and he can also shoot on the move.

Scoring will NEVER be a problem for the 6-3 baller from Chicago.

His instincts and team ball are on a different level. He makes all of the players around him better. His mistakes and bad decisions are few and far between.

And his jump shot? Oh boy. Pinpoint accuracy. Once he gets his look and locks the radar – you can count it. Go ahead and head back downcourt.

The speed in which he squares and bounces off the floor leaves the defense stunned.

On the defensive end – he will never be called a liability.


His feet are quick, and his shortstop hands deflect balls and collect steals. He anticipates well and frequently doubles down to help in the post.

Armed with plenty of shake, a deadly jumper from mid-range as well as the arc, court vision, an inner-city handle and defensive passion – Frasor is the type of guard that will always be able to provide offense, defense and everything else.

BEST ASSETS -- Long range shooting, moving without the ball, acceleration, ball-handling, Basketball IQ

NEEDS IMPROVEMENT -- Finishing inside, scoring from the PG position

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