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CHAPEL HILL, N.C.--If it's not here, you don't need to know it. Bobby Frasor answers all the questions Tar Heel fans want to hear answered. Every single last one ...

Bobby Frasor

EDITOR'S NOTE: Frasor finished the first half of his morning pool play game with 22 points in about nine minutes of action. The lopsided score meant he was not needed as much, but he created well for others, and found the open spot and scored himself. He finished with 27 points unofficially.

This is the first time I've seen you play, is that typical of the way you play?

Definitely. I think I shoot it well, I can finish inside, and one of the things that I don't get to show here is that I can handle it really well and be unselfish and pass the ball.

Can you play the point in college?

Definitely. That's what I play for my high school team. Over here we have Brian, so I slide over and get more shots here, which is kind of nice.

What are your plans for your visit?

As for exact plans, I don't know. I know I am meeting with academic advisors and coaches--having lunch with them--but I don't know exactly what will be happening.

What do you hope to get from the visit?

I hope to get a feel for the program and where I fit in, if I like the players, the staff and all that. We'll talk about what players are coming back and just see if I get a good feel for the program.

Three players are graduating, and one, two, three others could go to the NBA early so the face of the team could change a lot in one year which means a lot of they guys your are seeing now will not be there. Are you familiar any of the other players Carolina is recruiting?

I know they have one commitment from our class. I've never seen the kid play or never talked to him so that would be cool to meet him or some other players.

Do you know Richard Hendrix or Tyler Hansbrough?

I've heard of them all, and I've seen Hansbrough play--he's real nice. I like him.

What do you like about his game?

He's a big guy inside who can score and do it all.

The comparison I hear a lot--and maybe it's because you are both white, even though I think comparisons go beyond race--

I know what you are going to say: 'Hinrich/Collison.' And that's a great compliment if people are saying that about us right now, but that would be a dream to be as good as those two guys. But I could see a combo guard who can play '1' or '2' and a big guy inside who is fundamental and can score.

Do you like the system that Coach Williams ran at Kansas and wants to run at UNC--offense, defense, etc. You have to almost be a marathon runner.

Definitely, I like the way they get it right out of the basket and go and get in the open court and make plays, people spotting up shooting. I just like to be in open court and able to do something with the ball.

Coach Williams like to run that double low-post offense with interior screening where the two are interchangeable and the only distinction between a '4' and a '5' is that the '5' will guard the opposing team's center.

We run a lot of the same stuff at Rice, my high school, like that. We have guys cross-screening, running regular secondary where they set the back screen up top. We do double secondaries. A lot of the stuff that comes with the secondary break after we push it is familiar. I really like that.

With the inside-out game he runs, some guards would shy away because they want to be the number one option. Are you comfortable with that?

Definitely. A win is a win. I just want to play somewhere.

The thing that stood out to me the most today isn't what you did--it's what you didn't do. You didn't make a lot of bad decisions. How did you reach that point?

I think just growing up around my dad who has been a coach [for 30 years]. He's really big on fundamentals, going to practices. I have a great high school coach. Just being around coaches all my life and around basketball, you see what is wrong and what is right and what works.

At this point the interview ended after his morning game at the Wilson Center on Duke's campus. Following is a group question/answer session from a number of media members subsequent to his afternoon game in the Dean Smith Center:

You are hanging around to take an unofficial visit at UNC, correct? Can you tell us about that and how it figures in to your whole recruiting process?

Well, I've already made two officials [to Marquette and Stanford], so I figured while I'm down here I'd make an unofficial to see how it is because I've only met Coach Williams. I really want to get a good feel for the players and the program and the rest of the staff and see how I fit in here.

Who else are you seriously considering?

Michigan State, Kansas, Georgia Tech, and Wisconsin.

Do you have a time table on making a decision?

I could make a decision after this weekend. I've seen enough schools to do that, but if I need more time I'll wait until the fall to do it.

What do you think of the Smith Center and playing in there?

It's incredible. It's a great place, all the jerseys hanging in there and all the Carolina blue and everything--it's nice.

Does tradition mean something to you?

Oh, definitely--Jordan, Worthy, all those guys playing here. It's incredible to see that.

You've met with Coach Williams, right?

Yes, he came to my high school and we met.

Tell me a little bit about his approach, how you hit it off, and what did you think of him?

I really like him. He's down to earth. You can have a conversation with him right off the bat. He's a really classy guy. I like him a lot. I like the way he presented the school, presented academics to my mom--both by parents. He told my parents that sending a kid away to school is not a bad thing because he did the same thing to his kids. I like how he went on a personal level.

And he sent his kids here--that's funny. Do you have a big family contingent here with you this weekend?

Yes, my uncle, my grandpa, my sister, my brother-in-law, and my mom and my dad are all down here. But they are all going back Sunday, and just my parents are staying for the unofficial.

Your grandfather is how old?

He's 94.

Is that to see you play?

Actually he can't see anything at all. They announce the whole game to him and I'll talk to him after the game. He'll give me advice. I just laugh it off. He acts like he saw me play or something.

How much influence do your parents have in this decision?

They help me out, ask me questions and stuff, but they are off me and let me make the decision.

So it's according to what you feel is right?


What role do you see for yourself in college--as a point, a combo, a wing?

It's whatever the college needs. It's a good quality that I have that I can play [all of those].

What did Coach Williams say about that? Did he say he reminds you of Kirk Hinrich?

Exactly. He played him with Miles at Kansas, so I like that he played there and related that to me.

Isn't he one of your favorite players?

Definitely. Chicago, #12.

Have you talked to him at all, and will you, if not?

No, I haven't. I don't know [if I'll talk to him]. I've never really thought about that.

You said you might make a decision after this weekend. You are here. Should we read into it that, if you make a decision this weekend, it's to come here?

I don't know. I liked my visit to Stanford. When I get back on Monday night, I'll sit down with my parents and talk about my visit and everything.

What do you think will sway you, in your mind. In your heart-of-hearts, what are you looking for?

I think just the feel and the players, being around them all the time so I can hang out and have a good feel for them and the coaches, just a likeable program. I'm not looking for playing time right away and stuff like that. I just want to have a good feel.

How would you describe your game?

I'm a threat because my dad's a coach and I've been playing my whole life. I have a great feel for the game. I can play '1' or '2.' I'm unselfish and I can shoot it.

If you were a point guard in college, would you feel comfortable doing that at that level?

Yeah. I feel confident that I would work my game to do the things that I do the best.

When you talked to Coach Williams and you talked basketball, what did he say that he liked about the way you play?

He likes the soundness of my game--I make the easy passes, simple things, do the fundamental things of basketball.

If you and Coach Williams sit there and he says, 'If you'll come to Carolina and play for me, this is what we'll do for you,' in terms of school, your game, what is that?

He actually brought a sheet of paper and told me how many North Carolina Alumni there are living in Illinois to get a job [after I graduate], so in that respect, he says he can help me with a job out of college and that. He said the education is great and a diploma from North Carolina [carries some weight].

Basketball-wise, he said he'll make me the best basketball player I can be, and where ever that takes me I'll go from there.

Did he point out how Heinrich is in the NBA?

He mentioned it, but he didn't focus on it. He said if you are good enough, yes, but if not--it's every player's dream, but I'm not going to focus my whole college career around it.

And when he walked out the door, can you recall your thoughts after just meeting him and hearing what he had to say? What were your feelings, emotions, and thoughts about Coach Williams?

I really liked it. I liked North Carolina, the way he presented it, and just him as a person and coach. I really like everything about him, actually.

You played here last year, right?

Yes, we won the tournament here last year [in the 16-U age bracket].

When you walked in the building for the first time, can you remember your emotions?

I thought it was a neat place. Coming into a college stadium this big is--whoa!--it opens your eyes. It was an eye-opener.

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