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CHAPEL HILL, N.C.--Bob Frasor, father of 6-3 guard and UNC recruit Bobby Frasor talks about his son's recruitment, Carolina Basketball, and his son's forthcoming unofficial visit to UNC.

Bob Frasor

Tell us about this whole recruiting thing because I know it's a really big deal in your lives right now.

Yes. I've coached high school basketball for 30 years and had numerous Division I players, but I've never seen anything like what's happened with my son. A lot of that is because of tournaments like Bob Gibbons' where you get exposure or tournaments in Houston. Bobby has been able to play in venues where a lot of people have seen him. He plays at a good high school program, and this thing is just exploding.

But isn't it only fairly recently that he's gone all the way to the top?

Well, last year after AAU we had some major schools after him: Notre Dame, Stanford, Marquette, Wisconsin, Illinois. And then after Houston, as you guys would term it, he 'blew up.' Then Kansas, North Carolina, everybody. The list of people that we have said no to, if you'd have told me a year ago that we'd have done that, I would have said that you were nuts. It's been unbelievable.

You've talked with Coach Williams?


Can you give us your impressions of Roy Williams and what that went like?

As a basketball coach, you look at Roy Williams and he's the pinnacle--he and Dean Smith. I've been to clinics to watch both of them, and when your phone rings and you talk to Roy Smith and you are a high school basketball coach that's pretty impressive.

You just said that you talked to 'Roy Smith..'

I meant Roy Williams. Sorry about that.

No, that's OK. That's a good Freudian slip.

Well, I haven't talked to Dean Smith.

If you can separate your self for a moment as a father and a man who has coached ball for over 30 years, evaluate his game for us at this point. Where is he right now and what do you think he does well?

As a dad and a coach I'm probably very critical of Bobby. I think there are a lot of things he needs to work on, just like any coach would. I think he's picked up his shot considerably. I think he attacks the basket very well, and he definitely needs to work on his defense defending the type players he will guard [in college]. He knows that, but he works at it.

He gets up in the morning every day at seven o'clock, goes to school. I don't know if you know what 'the gun' is--it's a machine that kicks the balls back to you automatically. He's on that before school everyday for 45 minutes. He lifts, and he just works extremely hard. He's looking for a place that will help him to improve his game even more.

As a parent, how do you feel about him going away to the east coast possibly?

It's going to be his decision. We get Carolina games on TV--they are on almost every night. That's not a problem.

You were a coach all those years Dean Smith was a coach and you have seen Roy Williams come along and win all those games. Somewhere in your mind, have you seen Bobby somewhere in that Carolina uniform on national TV?

To be quite honest with you, no. As a coach, you envision things, but that's like, 'Wow!' North Carolina, Kansas, things like that, you just don't expect that. When they've called and we've talked to them, I'm just very grateful. It's a wonderful thing.

He said that he will sit down with you and his mother Monday night and could very well make a decision. Would you like to see him make a decision and get it out of the way, or do you care?

We don't feel pressure. We really don't. I've told him all along that when he's ready to make up his mind and say 'This is what I want to do,' we will be with him and back him all the way.

What will you guys be looking for and at on Monday when you stay and critique this place?

Obviously, I've been in this place and in Carmichael, but I haven't really had the time to check out the campus, talk to academic people. Bobby's a very smart young man. North Carolina is very highly rated. We'll look at a number of things. I have talked to Roy Williams on the phone. I want to meet the staff. We've met some of the players here. If we can do all that in one day, we are going to try to do as much as we can, just to see how he will fit in here.

When someone says, 'North Carolina Basketball'…

That's the pinnacle.

That's your thought?

Oh, yeah. Just look at the rafters. Just look at the uniforms up there. North Carolina is basketball.

When you came here for the first time last year and you walked in there, can you remember what you thought?

I thought it's kind of like Mecca. It's basketball heaven here. You are out there on the floor, the lights are really bright, the banners--it's quite a thrill, it really is. I would like to see this place filled for a game, which I imagine is every game.

I bet they'd arrange that if he signs on that dotted line.

(Grinning) I bet you are right.

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