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Carolina Basketball

Folks who know Marvin Williams say Carolina has landed a solid citizen as well as a stellar basketball prospect. "He is a real, real good player, but a much better person," Roy Williams said. "His character is the best."
Freshman is excited to be a Tar Heel
Raleigh News & Observer

But after losing top recruit J.R. Smith to the NBA and seeing more high school players go straight to the pros, the UNC coach now has to weigh how hard to go after some prospects. "It's getting to be a more serious factor," Williams said. "You've got to pay more attention to it."
Coaches still want the best
Raleigh News & Observer

Carolina Football

Bob Sapp, the coach at Mount Tabor, figures that Nicholson's recruiting situation passed hectic the first week in May, the month that college coaches were allowed to visit high schools and rising seniors to evaluate prospects for next year's recruiting classes. "It's been like a revolving door here," Sapp said.
Family Affair
Winston-Salem Journal

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