MDC: Evaluations

WESTWEGO, La. -- Now that the Nike Memorial Day Classic has come to a close and Memphis YOMCA has claimed the 2004 title, it is time to look back and evaluate the players in attendance that have North Carolina interest. All players are members of the class of 2005 unless otherwise noted.

Richard Hendrix- About the only thing that the six-foot-eight Hendrix is lacking right now is a true killer instinct each time he takes the court. He's gotten his body into great shape and taken care of his conditioning, but he is too good to disappear for stretches like he has a tendency to do.

The ability to get off the ground from a standstill position to hammer down weak side lobs wasn't there this time last year, and neither was the ability to hit step back jump shots. He's got fantastic footwork and fundamentals and if he can continue to improve upon his face up game he can be a more explosive Sean May.

Marcus Ginyard- It is only natural that UNC fans are going to worry about Ginyard's lack of scoring. However, at the end of the day how many points Ginyard scored in a club circuit game isn't going to mean a thing once he arrives in Chapel Hill. What matters is that the six-foot-five wing is a versatile player who does all of the things that give his teams a chance to win.

So far, the experiment of playing him at the point guard position is going pretty well and he has made significant strides in the right direction when it comes to handling the ball and making decisions. In the long run, he probably won't see much time at the point but the time spent there is only going to make the transition to college easier. He's willing to defend and he does have the ability to score, it just isn't his role with Boo Williams.

Kevin Durant (2006)- Sleek and slender, Durant has a world of potential packed into his long six-foot-eight frame. He is a graceful athlete in transition who is very skilled on the offensive end. More than likely he is going to be a true wing forward when he finishes growing and developing. He desperately needs to add strength and consistency to his game, but he is a potentially special player who could develop into one of the top five to 10 players in his class.

Chris Douglas-Roberts- One could make a convincing argument that CDR was the single best prospect who took the court in New Orleans. He has everything that you could want in a point guard, and he seems to be getting better each time he takes the court.

You can't underestimate how important it is for your point to have superior confidence, and his confidence rubs off on everybody around him. He sets the table for teammates with ease, scores whenever needed and will eventually be a nuisance on the defensive end thanks to his six-foot-five frame and long arms.

Jon Brockman- You can't know for sure what the staples of Brockman's diet are, but you can probably go ahead and assume that quiche doesn't show up on his list of favorites. At six-foot-seven and 240 pounds, Brockman patrols the paint with pit-bull like tenacity. Seriously, the guy just loves to cause a little conflict around the basket and treats each trip up the court like his own personal tough man contest.

Athletically, he is extremely quick with explosive hops that help him make up for his less than ideal height. He shows flashes of being able to attack off the dribble for a bounce or two and needs to do that more often along with hitting a few short jumpers. His ability to finish from the free throw line does suggest that he can shoot.

Andrew Bynum- Here's hoping that Bynum keeps his confidence up and keeps working to improve his game because he has the potential to be a dominant big man some day. He's got a great frame to go along with his six-foot-eleven size and gigantic wing span and actually has pretty soft touch. He's a clever passer and his footwork isn't too bad either. Once he gets into shape and learns that he has the ability to be a factor on both ends any time he takes the court, he could be awfully good.

Tyler Hansbrough- If the basketball gods are listening and inclined to answer a prayer, they will make sure that Hansbrough gets a chance to go head to head with Hendrix and Brockman before the summer's end. Really, there isn't much more you can say about the effort and skill that Hansbrough brings into the gym on a daily basis.

It is truly amazing to see a kid who is so calm and relaxed off of the court turn into such a maniac once the warm-ups come off and the referee's whistle blows. He turns defenders to stone with his piercing eyes and is continually developing a face up game that matches his relentless post play. Hansbrough embodies everything that is good and pure about the game of basketball.

C.J. Miles- Honestly, "Nike MDC C.J. Miles" wasn't the same C.J. Miles that coaches, scouts and fans have grown to love. Sure the six-foot-five wing showed flashes of his all around brilliance. He showed the ability to hit some nifty fade away jumpers off of spin moves and looked as focused as ever on the defensive end, but he just couldn't find any consistency in New Orleans. Everybody has an off weekend -- if you can really call Miles' weekend an off weekend -- at some point and odds are that he will bounce back with a command performance the next time he takes the court.

Kevin Rogers- Through the early part of the club circuit, Rogers established himself as one of the hottest big men recruits in the country. The big lefty did it by using his quickness and athleticism around the bucket to gobble up rebounds and convert easy scores. His activity around the bucket also freed him for easy jump shots from eight to twelve feet and made him a dangerous threat.

In New Orleans, Rogers was a little bit hot and cold. When he looks to start his offense from the inside first and then move out for an occasional jumper or quick drive, he is awfully tough to contain. However, he spent a little bit too much of his time looking to get things going from the outside before going to work on the blocks and that isn't really his game. He's built himself into an elite prospect, but if he wants to remain one he is going to have to be sure he brings his lunch pail and hardhat on a daily basis.

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