Pangos Camp: Day 2

<b>CYPRESS, Calif. –</B> Saturday at the Pangos Camp belonged to C.J. Miles. The Texan made the definitive statement in regards to the camp's top prospect.

Pangos Camp, Day Two

2005 Checklist

C.J. Miles, SF/SG: On Saturday morning, Miles took the SAT at a local high school and missed the first game of the session. By the afternoon, he had aced his test from the Pangos camp. How good was he on this occasion? Well, we've got him at No. 6 in America and there exists a chance that is too low. Simply put, Miles has a legitimate opportunity to become the top wing player in the country and contest established stars for an even higher ranking.

His aerial assault on the rims at the Warrior Center came in the form of tip dunks and big time slashes to the hole. When he wasn't using his potent athleticism, he strayed behind the 3-point arc where the lefty smoothly sank deep jumpers. His two games Saturday comprised a pair of the best performances we've seen on the circuit this year.

Taj Gibson, PF: The native New Yorker continued his stellar play on Saturday. This is the most offense and athleticism we've ever seen him showcase. He's a no-brainer lock for the camp all-star game and right now is one of the more improved players in the class. He was scoring in the post and showed a soft hook shot too.

Danny Williams, SG: We'll list him with the 2005 class but he'll probably need a year of prep school. Regardless, he's highly athletic and he can make shots. He plays in attack mode and this has been a very good stepping stone event for him.

Jamal Boykin, F: The guy is getting it done. Not only is he working during the games, but he's consistently working out in between sessions as well. It seems like Boykin understands his strengths, has improved some weaknesses and is ready to compete all the time. He dropped a jump hook in an afternoon game that frankly we had no idea he carried in his bag of tricks. A thread-the-needle bounce pass in another evening game was also big time.

Wes Matthews, SG: There's no question he struggled with his jumper early at this camp. On Saturday, he found the range and started making shots. It probably hasn't been a great camp for him but he's coming on at the end.

Draelon Burns, SG: We list him with the Class of 2005, but he's got a chance to play in college next fall. Recently, Burns qualified and is now one of the best backcourt options out there for a school. He can shoot it and also get by kids on the drive. He's had a very nice camp and should he not find a school he'll prep next season.

Vernon Goodridge, PF: There was a lot of hype about him coming off of a nice effort last weekend at the T.O.C. For the most part, Goodridge has played well out here and has used his athleticism to create chances. He's more athlete than skilled player but he's bouncy, rebounds and can run. He'll be a high-major guy.

Joe Darger, SF: The spring and early summer traveling team circuit has not been kind to him but late Saturday he began looking like the Darger of old. With his jumper off the mark, Darger dove to the blocks and made some shots. He gradually worked up his confidence and in turn ventured back out to the perimeter where he was able to connect on some shots.

Artem Wallace, PF: Like Darger, it's been rough sledding this spring up until the Pangos event. He's shed 15-20 pounds what seems to be a span of weeks and his game is showing the effects of the weight loss. All accounts have this as being his best event of the spring and his athleticism looks much better, plus he can score inside.

Rashad Woods, SF: He's got a bit of a set shot that can get flat, but they go in. Athletically he's very strong and loves to attack the rim. Sometimes shot selection can be a problem but clearly he's got talent on the wing.

News & Notes

It's common knowledge that Miles and Team Texas teammate PF Kevin Rogers would like to attend the same school. On Saturday, those plans might have been dealt a setback. Miles took the SAT in Compton while Rogers was back in Texas. Rogers attempted to take the test but his identification card was blurry and thus was not accepted by the proctor. This means that Rogers won't have another shot at the test until October, according to Miles.

Clearly Miles wants to take visits before October and indicated that he would likely do so. Without the two of them on the visits together, it's quite possible that once what looked like a good bet to be a package deal could unravel without careful planning. Meanwhile, Miles said his schools include Kansas, Texas, Arizona, Georgia Tech, North Carolina and Duke. All have offered except for the Blue Devils. Miles has spoken once with Mike Krzyzewski but that was after a Vegas event in April. Miles will take an unofficial to Oklahoma this coming week, Kansas when he's out there for a summer event and Georgia Tech after the Peach Jam. …

Guard Anthony Goods will begin his official visit to Stanford on Sunday after the camp. He's been to both Washington (last week) and California (May 13). Those are the only schools he's looking at now. … Power forward Vernon Goodridge is hearing a lot from Syracuse, Georgia Tech, Seton Hall, Virginia Tech and Georgetown and those are some of the heavies involved early. …

Eugene Harvey, a 2006 point guard, is hearing already from Pittsburgh, Maryland and Louisville. … Taj Gibson, one of the nice stories of the camp, is hearing from Georgia, Georgetown, Florida, Syracuse, Oregon State and Ohio State. He'll need more credits than his high school can provide next year so he'll attend Stone Ridge Prep in California or Notre Dame Prep in Massachusetts. …

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