Junior to Watch: Travis Outlaw

At the Tournament of Champions last May, a wiry 6-8 figure nearly brought the house down as he missed what would have been a monster follow-up dunk. Who was it? Travis Outlaw, a 2003 combo forward from Starkville (MS) High. <i>IC</i>'s Clint Jackson scouts the junior star.

* He plays the combo forward. He's tall and lanky and he's stronger than he looks. His quickness and athleticism make him intriguing as a wing forward, but at the present time, he plays more with his back to the basket.

* He's one of those kids who's loaded with the "P- word" - Potential. He's just so athletic and aggressive, but his body and skills haven't caught up just yet.

* If he's done growing and starts to fill out some more -- the sky is the limit. He can't weigh more than 180 pounds at 6-foot-8.

* Needs work on face-up skills, fundamentals and shooting. Comparing athletic ability and potential to Chris Bosh.

* Fights very hard for rebounds despite his slight build. Stronger than he looks -- like MSU-bound Matt Trannon.

* I'm hearing that Memphis, Mississippi State, UNC and others are already slugging it out for the kid.

* Stay tuned for an IC interview with Outlaw in the near future.

Noteworthy summer scouting reports on Travis Outlaw ...

Dave Telep (TheInsidersHoops.com) - "Wow! A year ago, he was a skinny shot blocker. Now, he's a high-flying athlete – in the same stratosphere as James White – who plays way above the rim. He's such a great athlete that he actually can jump and hang in the air to challenge shots. It's like someone is shooting him out of a cannon. His game is becoming much more versatile and there's no reason to think he wasn't one of the three best underclassmen at the event, if not the top dog. He lives in Starkville, Miss., and that's extremely good news for Mississippi State fans. "

Frank Burlison (FOXSports.com) - "Forgive me this one-time sin in the "comparisons game", OK? A two-word description of the type of player he reminds me of is "Darius" and "Miles." He's an eye-popper in the running and jumping departments."

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