Football Recruiting Update: 11/26/01

Updates on three big Tar Heel Football recruiting targets...

Tom Clayton

Inside Carolina spoke with Tom Clayton to see if he has decided to take his remaining visits. Tom indicated that he would visit FSU but not the next week due to HS playoffs. The most likely date would be 12/14. He had a visit scheduled for Syracuse that day but he probably will not be visiting there. Tom said that nothing had really changed and that UNC was his leader. He said it was basically down to UNC and FSU. He also stated that PSU was pretty much out of it. Contrary to other reports, Tom did not indicate that FSU led.

A.J. Nicholson

A. J. Nicholson sustained a pinch nerve injury in Mt. Tabor's playoff loss to North Durham. A. J. said that TX was still his leader but that he also liked FSU, Mia, UNC, TN, UGA. He said he had thought about changing out his UNC visit for UGA but that the way it looked now he would keep his UNC visit. We asked AJ if he knew AJ Davis from Northern. Nicholson said he knew Davis from awhile back when both were on the same track team (Durham Striders). In fact, Davis called Nicholson on the Wednesday prior to the game on Friday. Inside Carolina asked what he and A. J. Davis talked about. Nicholson said "oh, recruiting and stuff." IC asked if they had considered going to the same school. Nicholson said that yes they had and it looks like they may be going to Chapel Hill the same day. A. J. Nicholson plans to run track (400 m outdoors and may choose another event for indoors). Another team that both players are considering is FSU.

Moe Thompson

Moe Thompson has scheduled some official visits. UNC 1/11, FSU 1/18, Clemson 2/1, and SCAR to be determined. Moe's mother said that due to scheduling conflicts that she is having a hard time trying to fit SCAR in. FSU has recently started recruiting Moe (offer).

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