Hansbrough's father - 'It was extraordinary'

The purpose of the Hansbrough's visit to Chapel Hill was not necessarily for Tyler to see the campus. That happened months ago on his official visit. It was instead set up for Gene Hansbrough to get a feel for what the Tar Heels had to offer his son.

The elder Hansbrough was "blown away" by the trip.

"It was much better than I thought it would be," said Gene, a former track star at Missouri. "It was extraordinary. The people, the relationship between Coach (Roy) Williams and his staff, how they care about people, the facilities, the people in the community. It was outstanding."

"Coach Williams is the motor that makes Carolina drive," he added. "His honesty and people skills are tremendous. He has a genuine concern for his players. I got a chance to meet Dean Smith and he's one of the kindest guys I've ever met. I see a lot of Dean Smith in Roy Williams."

In fact, Hansbrough's father could only find a single flaw with North Carolina.

"If it wasn't so far away," he lamented. "It's a long way from Poplar Bluff."

That's not to say that 6-9 Tyler Hansbrough won't end up in Chapel Hill, but Kansas is not out of the running just yet.

"It's a no-lose situation between the two," Gene Hansbrough added. "I hate to send my kid halfway across the country because I'm going to miss him, but he's got to do what's best for him."

Gene Hansbrough said he isn't certain when his son will make a decision, but it could come as soon as this week and he was noncommittal about a possible second visit to Kentucky.

"He's got great choices," he said. "And it's completely up to him."

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