NBPA: C.J. Miles Spotlight

RICHMOND, Va. – Sometimes it's hard to overlook the coincidences. You show up at the event, watch a game and talk to a player and you can't miss them. And then you wonder, is this a matter of coincidence or fate?

Take C.J. Miles, a 6-5, 200-pound wing who's here for the NBPA Top 100 Camp. He's one of North Carolina's top recruiting targets and they've already offered him a scholarship.

Coincidence No. 1 – he's wearing No. 23. M.J. Ok, so a lot of kids wear No. 23. But the numbers here are randomly assigned and only one of the 100-plus campers gets assigned this number and it went to Miles.

Coincidence No. 2 – there are 10 teams here and his team's coach is Charlie Scott. Yes, the Charlie Scott. The one whose jersey hangs from the Dean E. Smith Center. The one who broke down the color barrier in the UNC athletics program. The one who averaged 22.1 points per game in Chapel Hill from 1967-70.

"They talked about [all that he accomplished] when they introduced him, but he hasn't talked about that much," Miles said of Scott. "I've gotten to know him a little bit so far."

Coincidence No. 3 – one of Miles' teammates is Bobby Frasor, the combo guard who committed to the Tar Heels a couple weeks ago.

Coincidence No. 4 – Frasor was also assigned to be Miles' roommate at the hotel.

He's wearing No. 23, his coach is a UNC basketball legend and his teammate and roommate is a player that's headed to Chapel Hill.

"[Carolina assistant] Coach [Steve] Robinson told me to look at Bobby like I already know him," Miles said.

Camp is not even two days old, but Miles and Frasor have begun to get acquainted.

"He's real cool," Miles said. "He'll slide some hints in [about UNC] to mess with me, but he doesn't' push it."

One of Miles' good friends, Kevin Rogers – such a close friend that the two have said in interviews that they plan to attend the same college – was scheduled to attend this camp but didn't make the trip.

"I don't know what happened to him," Miles said. "We called him from the airport and his mom said he was still asleep."

Rogers is a Top 50 post player, also with an offer from UNC. But Rogers has yet to take the SAT and that appears likely to prevent the two friends from taking official visits together.

"It is [something we want to do], but it's starting to get a little shaky," Miles said. "We'll go together if he can, but it doesn't look like he'll be able to. If he can't, I'm not going to wait. I don't have time."

Miles plans to take his official visits in the early fall, shortly after his senior year of high school begins. The NCAA rules dictate that for a recruit to take an official visit, school must be in session – and the recruit must have an SAT score posted (which Rogers doesn't).

As for what he's looking for on the visits, Miles is just planning to soak in the experience.

"They're going to show me everything they've got, so I'll just take it in," he said.

Narrowing the school list down as the calls from dozens of big-name programs came pouring in this spring wasn't an easy process.

"I looked at the coach first and how they treated me," he said. "And then I decided on who I liked the most overall, the school, the information they sent me, how the positions are when I get there and what I know about them."

Style of play also figured prominently.

"Coach [Roy] Williams wants whoever gets the rebound to be able to go and run," Miles said. "That's the way I want to play. I chose that as one of the main things in making my list."

From that process, five schools emerged – Kansas, North Carolina, Arizona, Georgia Tech and Texas.

Over the next two months, Miles will attend the USA Basketball Festival, Nike Camp, the Peach Jam and a couple other tournaments. He'll get a few weeks off before school begins, and then the official visits – and shortly thereafter, a decision.

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