NBPA: Q&A with Bobby Frasor

RICHMOND, Va. -- Future Tar Heel Bobby Frasor sat down with <i>Inside Carolina</i>'s J.B. Cissell on Sunday at the NBPA Top 100 Camp to discuss his role as point guard, rooming with C.J. Miles, and other topics ...

How has this camp been for you? You are sort of thrown together with some other players and expected to function as a team, and then you get to learn some individual skills.

It's definitely a new experience for me. You go out on the court with four guys you've never met before so you really don't know their tendencies and the plays. You aren't yourself, almost. You've still got to go out and play--everyone here CAN play. You still have to go out, hustle, play defense. You aren't scoring as much, but you know you can play and it's still cool to be here.

You really are only playing half the game, so you are sitting and watching just as much as you are playing. What is that like for you?

We play five for 10 minutes, and then another five for 10 minutes. I come in off the bench, so it's a new experience coming in to play for 10 minutes, and then you are done. There's not a lot of time to score in 10 minutes, so you come in to play hard D, pass the ball, and get guys open, and play smart.

When I saw you at the Tournament of Champions in the Triangle, you were playing more shooting guard because you had another point guard on your team. You were moving more without the ball, while you are moving more WITH the ball and controlling the offense. How is that different for you?

It's different because you don't see the shots that I saw, coming off of screens with the Wolves or anything like that. But it's cool because I get to drive the lane and draw someone to me for a kick-out for someone like C.J.[Miles] or Tasmin [Mitchell] to hit a jumper. It's just a different way of scoring by getting your teammates involved.

When I saw you at the TOC it looked to me like you were hitting everything you shot. At this camp your shot hasn't looked quite as consistent. Is that a fair assessment?

Oh yeah, definitely. A lot of that is because, with the Wolves, I feel confident shooting because I know I'm going to get shots. Here, I'm really surprised -- it's like ‘Oh, I'm getting a shot right now.' I know I can shoot. I'm not going to worry about it, and I'm going to keep shooting.

It seems like what you are saying is that it is due to chemistry. … Speaking of chemistry, let's talk about C.J. Miles. It's possible that we could be watching a future UNC backcourt here at this camp. … He said that when he saw you that you told him you two were rooming together. How did you know?

When you sign in, you see your roommate. I saw ‘Calvin Miles' so I went up to him and started talking to him about it.

We've been talking a lot, being in the same room. I really like him; he's cool.

We talked to him yesterday, and we mentioned all the coincidences that seemed to be taking place: the number 23, having a former UNC player as an assistant coach, having a future UNC player as a teammate AND a roommate.

I don't know if something is going on or what, but it's cool that he gets to meet me. It's been really cool, and I hope he does go to North Carolina.

It seems to me that every player has to make the decision that's best for himself, so he respects all other players' right to do the same, but have you all talked seriously about that possibility at all? He said you've dropped a few hints and given him a hard time.

(Grinning) Yeah. I'm just messin' with him. Usually, I just talk to him to get to know him so he can get to know me. I'm like, ‘So, where you lookin' to go?' He'll mention some schools and say that SMU is close to his home, so I'm like, ‘Oh, you don't want to go that close to home. You want to go east coast or something like that.' But I'm not like, ‘Come on, go to North Carolina' or things like that. I'm not antagonistic about it.

You've been on the tour and seen things. Has he asked you questions about North Carolina?

Not really. I ask him what coaches he talks to, so he tells me things like that. But he says he might go on his official in the fall. I really hope he does. That'd be cool because I could maybe go on it with him. I don't know really when I'm going to go, but Coach Williams said that he'd like another recruit there.

So you may still take an official to North Carolina?

I'm definitely going to take an official in the fall sometime, but it depends on when and who is going to be there.

Thanks for your time.

No problem. (As he's walking away, unsolicited.) Hey! And don't worry about that jump shot. It will be there.

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