NBPA: Telep's Monday Report

<b>RICHMOND, Va. –</b> Greg Oden and Devan Downey were just two of a handful of clutch performers on Monday. Here's the latest from NBAPA camp on the campus of VCU.

NBA Camp, Day Three

2005 Checklist

Devan Downey, PG (both sessions): There are times when you are wrong and it's during those times when you have to admit your mistakes. Leaving Downey out of our current Top 100 was an oversight. Here at camp, he's been terrific. In one game, he had 17 points on 7-for-13 shooting. He's fast, defends and despite his size, is a high-major guard and he did it all day long on Monday.

Micah Downs, SF/SG (evening session): He doesn't have to score to catch your eye. The KU-bound wing is extremely comfortable with the ball and is a multi-tool player. He's extremely smooth, almost too cool. He drilled a 3-pointer that proved to be the game-winner in one contest in the evening. The young man carries himself like a player and he's got potential to make money some day.

Eric Devendorf, SG (both sessions): Different day, same story. He's having a great camp to the point where you don't have to be watching him but every time you steal a glance at his court he's making plays.

Korvotney Barber, PF (afternoon): There's just something unique about him, even at 6-7. He's got terrific "fast twitch" muscles and what he lacks in size he makes up for in quickness. Spin moves, half hooks, athletic finishes. The guy knows how to play and this camp is perfect for him because he gets to play alongside Greg Oden and we all know who draws the most attention on that team.

Byron Eaton, PG (both sessions): It seems like he stands out at every event. Scouts are torn, either you love him or you don't. Well, we like and it's because he's consistent with his effort and result. His Jerome Bettis-frame is built for contact; he finishes strong and gets to the line. He's an underrated shooter and a tough 5-foot-10 guard.

Bobby Frasor, G: Camp got a little tougher for him on Monday. Reportedly he turned it over a few times in the early session and as the day wore on his jumper was not going down at the same pace it was at other events. Again, we're speculating that the added responsibilities of running a team might be the reason for the lower shooting percentage behind the arc.

2006 Checklist

Greg Oden, C (evening session): He's silly good. This potential future franchise player slid his feet and actually took a camp charge. Here they give out T-shirts for charges taken, at the next level they hand out contracts. The truth is Oden is a go-to move away from dominance. He catches everything that thrown his way and attempting to score against him is a losing proposition.

News & Notes

Jeremy Mayfield, a center/power forward out of Texas, is wide open with his recruitment. Mayfield says he's hearing from LSU, Portland State, North Texas and Baylor. … Devan Downey, a point out of South Carolina, has offers from the Gamecocks and Tennessee. Cincinnati, Miami and Florida are also showing interest. …

Cyrus McGowan, a big man from Mississippi, said that 9 of his family members have attended college at Mississippi State. The Bulldogs, along with a number of SEC programs, have offered him. …

Scout's Seat

Here's a thought: these kids are so familiar with each that the heated rivalries (see Carlos Boozer vs. Donnell Harvey) aren't materializing. It seems like all of these kids are so familiar and friendly with one another that games are almost cordial. How about some good old fashioned slugfests like Darius Washington vs. Sebastian Telfair where reputations are on the line? …

C.J. Miles is by no means exerting the max effort in each game out here and that worries some folks. However, if he's just going through motions and is still the No. 10 scorer in camp after six games, then you know he's very good. … Marcus Williams, a talented wing player, took one of the team with his camp squad and ran the point today. … So far the only guard with the stones to challenge Greg Oden going to the basket has been Byron Eaton and the little fella got him one time on Monday. …

Jovan Adams had his perimeter game working Monday night. The Texan might be a little more comfortable at the shooting guard position than the point. … Tasmin Mitchell struggled some Monday evening but his lefty jump hook was memorable. … Kudos to Leo Criswell who picked up his energy level in the evening and made shots from the outside. He passed the ball well and looked like he had a little spring to his step. …

Scoring Leaders (through Sunday)

1.   Bill Walker, 13.3 ppg.
2.   Roderick Flemings, 12.2
3.   O.J. Mayo, 11.5
4.   Gerald Henderson, 11.2
5.   Mario Chalmers, 11.0
6.   Seketoure Henry, 10.3
7.   A.J. Abrams, 10.2
7.   Fendi Onobun, 10.2
7.   Eric Devendorf, 10.2
10. Jamal Boykin, 9.8
10. Calvin Miles, 9.8

Rebounding Leaders (through Sunday)

1.  Greg Oden, 4.8
1.  Leo Criswell, 4.8
3.  Wilson Chandler, 4.7
4.  Jeremy Mayfield, 4.3
5.  Brayden Bell, 4.2
6.  Shaun Green, 4.0
6.  Anthony Mason, 4.0
6.  Uche Echefu, 4.0

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