USA: 20 Q's with Bobby Frasor

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- It hasn't been a great week for UNC commitment Bobby Frasor at the USA Basketball Youth Festival, as he's struggled to get into the flow on offense. Earlier this week we collected questions from <i>Inside Carolina</i>'s readers and presented the best 20 questions to him on Saturday evening ...

"To tell you the truth, I kind of don't have the confidence that I've had," Frasor said of his play this week. "It's tough to get into the flow when you're being subbed constantly and you really don't know anyone."

In addition, Frasor has found it even harder to get in a shooting groove while playing the point here, as his passes are rarely reciprocated, but he isn't fazed.

"You definitely can score more as a 2 here, but I feel comfortable at the point and I know I'm going to work hard on my ball handling skills and things like that so I can play the 1 [at UNC]."

On to the questions and answers …

1) Was there a particular moment that you decided to become a Tar Heel?

I was standing on the Dean Dome floor and was shooting around with same of the guys, and we were talking about Coach Williams, and after hearing the things they had to say, I really felt then that I wanted to go to Carolina. They said he's just great, expects 100 percent from you all the time, you can always talk to him and he's just a great person off the court.

2) Since UNC got involved late in your recruitment, and since you could have gone just about anywhere, what was the deciding factor in picking UNC?

I just really felt comfortable there – it was the perfect fit.

3) Who's your favorite Tar Heel of all-time not named Michael Jordan?

I really liked watching Ed Cota when he played – I'll go with him.

4) Having been recruited by some very successful coaches, what did Roy Williams do or say that made you think, ‘He's the coach that I want to coach me for the next four years'?

Just the way he presented himself and told me how he was going to make me better and be there for the players. I just really liked how he said he'd help me get to be the best I can be and help me after college.

5) What number do you plan on wearing at UNC?

Everyone's been asking that since the No. 12 is already gone. I've worn 24 before, but I hear Marvin [Williams] is going to wear that, so I really don't know.

6) Since fans like to invent nicknames for the players, are there any nicknames that you have and/or prefer to be called?

It's not like a big nickname, but a lot of people call me B-Fraze.

7) What position do you think you'll play and which would you actually prefer to play when you get to UNC?

Right now I really don't know – wherever they need me. [Coach Williams] likes that I can play the 2 also, so I can get some time at both.

8) What do you think is your strongest attribute and what area needs the most improvement for the college level?

My court knowledge, where to pass it and when to move – just a sense of the game. And the biggest thing I need to work on is my strength and on-the-ball defense. I can guard people, but I want to be able to lock everybody up and not let them get off a shot.

9) Is there a current Tar Heel that you are particularly looking forward to playing with?

Sean May. When I was down there I really thought he was cool and hopefully he'll still be there.

10) What is your No. 1 goal as an individual and for the team, while at UNC?

I would definitely love to play in a Final Four and win the national championship. As an individual, I'd really like to be on the all-Academic team.

11) At this time, do you have a feel for the degree of passion Carolina fans have when it comes to Carolina basketball?

Yeah, when I was at the NBPA Camp, a past manager from Carolina was telling me that I made a great choice and that I'll be in the family and everything. You can just really tell how much everyone loves Carolina basketball. … [At the Tournament of Champions] I had this one game at nine in the morning and there were these four fans already there that there waving at me. It was pretty cool to see the showing of Carolina fans there [all weekend].

12) Do you really know how much UNC fans hate Duke?

I know, but Me, Marcus [Ginyard], Josh [McRoberts] and Greg [Paulus] were all out talking last night – but, yeah, during the season we're not going to be talking. Yeah, it's definitely a hatred thing.

13) Who is the best player you've ever played against?

I'd say when I was up at Wisconsin playing against Devin Harris in an open gym.

14) If you had to pick one player (college or pro) whose style of play best matches your own, who would that be?

Pro, I'd say Kirk Hinrich. College, I like Travis Diener. He's not as big as me, but he finds way to score and I like his toughness.

15) Out of Carolina's remaining targets, what do you know about them and what are you doing to help bring them to Chapel Hill?

I roomed with C.J. [Miles] at NBA Camp. And that was real cool to get to know him and I really liked him. I wasn't pushing him, but throwing things in here and there. Richard [Hendrix], I really haven't talked to him much, but he's unbelievable. I actually called Tyler [Hansbrough] before I came out here and I didn't get a hold of him and left a message. I hope he comes to Carolina.

16) Who from the Class of 2005 would you most like to play with?

I like Marcus [Ginyard] a lot and I'm looking forward to playing with him. He's got a nice shot, he's athletic, he plays great D – I just like his game.

17) Did you watch the NBA Finals? And if so, what did you take away from the Pistons' title win, coached by former Tar Heel Larry Brown?

I watched all the games and that was incredible the way they shut Kobe [Bryant] down and just dominated the whole series. Rasheed [Wallace] was playing great and Larry Brown's an incredible coach. Chauncey Billups is the one I really followed – I like his game a lot – the way he can hit the shot and drive like that. … You definitely take away that defense does win championships.

18) Do you read internet web sites and/or message boards?

Nah, not really.

19) What do you plan on majoring in at UNC?

I heard business is a pretty good program, but we'll just have to see.

20) What do you see yourself doing after your basketball days are over?

I definitely want to be in basketball somehow – coaching or management. I have no idea right now, but I know I want to be around basketball.

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