UNC-IU Postgame Doherty Press Conference

Read exerpts from UNC basketball coach Matt Doherty's press conference following the Tar Heels' 79-66 loss to the Indiana Hoosiers on Wednesday night.

"Starting 0-3, you may think it's weird for me to say, but I'm really proud of this team's effort tonight. That's all I asked of them, 'Give me great effort,' and they did. I think we could have easily won this game if we'd made some shots. That's been a big 'if' lately. You've got to give them credit. They hit some really tough shots. The first shot they hit, we're in the zone, and Jared Jeffries catches one and launches it at the buzzer. I think Coverdale hit some 25-footers in the first half, and that put us in a hole. I wa proud of our effort, and that's what I'm building on. If we continue to give that effort, we'll be all right.

"I thought that some of our kids grew up tonight. I thought that Kris Lang grew up tonight. He's a senior, but I thought he really took it on his shoulders and said, 'I'm going to take control of this game,' and he did.

"I thought Melvin and Jackie grew up. Even though they didn't shoot the ball great and had some turnovers, I thought they gre up as well. I think we're heading in the right direction. Give IU a lot of credit.

"Coverdale played fantastic. He really shot the basketball. I though George Leach from Charlotte, in a spurt there, when we were trying to make a run, made some big baskets and obviously some big blocks.

"We need to shoot the ball better. We need to take care of the basketball, but I thought our defense was very good."

Where you surprised at the man defense?

"Not really. That's their personality. That's who they are, and they're good at it. They did a smart thing late in the game—went zone to take us out of a rhythm and give us a little bit of a surprise. We did get some good looks. Cape hit an open foul-line jumper that he normally hits. We did get a lob out of the zone. I thought we got a couple other good looks, and two possessions we didn't execute like I'd have liked, but we did OK. It slowed us down, and tha's a good move on his part."

What do you see in Capel's shot? He has struggled on the perimeter.

"I just don't think he's had as many open looks as he's had in the past. When you have Joe and Brendan, you're going to get open looks—wide open looks. Now he's not getting those because he's the lead story in the scouting report, along with Kris. I've got to do some things to get him better looks. I've got to incorporate some plays where he can come off a screen and have an open jump shot. I need to do a better job for him."

Are you resigned to having two freshmen in the starting line-up?

"Yes. I'm not going to mess with that line-up. I don't think that's right. I think these guys grew up tonight. They are going to continue to grow up. They did some great things out there—some exciting things—and they made some normal freshman mistakes. But they are two of our best defenders and two of our quicker players. They can get into some seams, and they'll learn from mistakes. That's a tough thing right now, starting freshman guards, but they will learn."

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