Interview with Rashaad Tindall

IC interviews a recent UNC football commitment from Wilmington, Rashaad Tindall.


  • Height: 6-4
  • Weight: 190
  • 40-time: 4.5
  • Catches: 15
  • TDs: 8
  • Tackles: 54
  • Ints: 3
  • 1 blocked Punt
  • Offers: UNC, Wake, NCST
  • Recruiting: ECU, FL, Alabama, PSU, UVa, MD, Clem

    Inside Carolina: Thank you for talking with us Rashaad. Why did you choose Carolina?
    Rashaad Tindall: They just made me feel at home. I was comfortable with the staff.

    IC : Who was your primary recruiter?
    Tindall: Coach Broadway.

    IC: What are your impressions of Coach Broadway?
    Tindall: I really like Coach Broadway.

    IC: When did you verbally commit to Carolina?
    Tindall: I went to the Wake Forest game and Coach Bunting said that he had a letter for me and asked me if I wanted to come play for Carolina. I thought about it for a day and then I called Coach Bunting up and said that I wanted to go to school at North Carolina.

    IC: What is the best part of your game?
    Tindall: I think defense. I really like making a good hit.

    IC: Is Carolina recruiting you for offense or defense?
    Tindall: They told me I could go out for offense or defense but it really doesn't matter to me. I just want to get on the field.

    IC: Where do you think you will play?
    Tindall: I think I will play defense.

    IC: You have a former teammate at Carolina don't you?
    Tindall: Yes, Kitwana Jones was on my team.

    IC: What did he tell you about Carolina?
    Tindall: That he really liked it and that he felt at home playing there.

    IC: Do you know what you will major in?
    Tindall: No, I haven't decided yet.

    IC: How long have you been playing football?
    Tindall: This is my second year playing High School football. I played some Pop Warner when I was small.

    IC: How has your High School coaches helped you in learning about football?
    Tindall: They have taught me everything. This year, I think I have done a better job with my reads and the angles I take.

    IC: I heard a rumor that you had to change your appearance some when you came out for football?
    Tindall: Yes, I used to wear dreadlocks but Coach told me that I had to cut them off.

    IC: I assume that you did.
    Tindall: I cut it all off all the way down to the bone (laughing).

    IC: Tell me about your former coach, Coach Walters.
    Tindall: He is like the father I never had. He told me (as well as the rest of the players) that he cares more about us as people than as football players. He cares more about what we are doing five years from now more than how we play on a Friday night. He stressed the importance of academics and how it is even more important than playing football.

    IC: You have another player on your team that has committed to a Division-1 school, Willie Davis (committed to Virginia). Did you and he ever talk about going to the same school?
    Tindall: As matter of fact, he said something like that yesterday about how much fun it would be if we played together in college.

    IC: You are not thinking about going to Virginia are you?
    Tindall: No, but I am going to be working on him to go to Carolina.

    IC: You play basketball for Laney as well. What were your stats from last year and what position(s) did you play?
    Tindall: I played small forward/power forward and I averaged 21 points, 14 rebounds and five assists.

    IC: I understand that you liked basketball better growing up. Which do you like better now?
    Tindall: I like football best now but I might try and walk-on at Carolina for their basketball team.

    IC: Have you talked to Coach Doherty about it?
    Tindall: No, not yet.

    IC: Do you plan to take any more visits to Carolina?
    Tindall: Well, my official visit is January 11. I might also catch a couple of basketball games if I get the chance.

    IC: Who does your High School team play this week?
    Tindall: We play Garner down here in the mud-bowl. At least that is what they call it on the Internet.

    IC: How do you like your chances to win a state championship?
    Tindall: The only team that can beat us is us. Three more to go.

    IC: Good Luck.
    Tindall : Thank you sir.

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