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Miami and Virginia Tech officially join the ACC; Profiling UNC's unique assistant football coach Andre Powell.

Say goodbye to the Big East, the Carrier Dome and those conference partners who tried to sweet-talk you into staying, then went to court to keep you from leaving. Say hello to Tobacco Road, the Cameron Crazies and your longtime rivals, the Florida State Seminoles, who are proud to call themselves your conference colleagues.
Moving day for UM
Miami Herald

No midnight fireworks or get-naked parties. No Russian caviar or French champagne. Indeed, one of the grandest days in Virginia Tech sports history is passing virtually unnoticed.
50 years later, Tech finally gets ACC wish
Hampton Daily Press

Carolina Football

The 37-year-old former Indiana running back enjoys teaching Tar Heels how to follow their blockers and press for every extra yard. But he also relishes his days -- and sometimes, a few scant, stolen hours -- alone on the water
Running and gunning
Raleigh News & Observer

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