NBPA: Player Evaluations

RICHMOND, Va. -- After watching a week of competition at the NBPA Top 100 Camp, <i>IC</i>'s Clint Jackson opens up his notebook for full scouting reports ...

Monta Ellis -- Not enough has been said about the silky smooth Ellis who can do whatever he wants, whenever he wants. He's clearly the best 2005 "scoring" guard at the entire camp, in my opinion, and is just so efficient with his dribble penetration and scoring. Ellis has plenty of range and a certain knack for getting where he wants to go. I think Ellis is the best guard in the country that I've seen. And that includes Louis Williams, Bobby Frasor, Chris Douglas-Roberts and Mario Chalmers.

Bobby Frasor -- Frasor always seems to play a controlled style that coaches like. His coach at the NBA camp loves him and it's easy to see why. Frasor always plays within himself, has superb acceleration with the basketball, and knows how to run an offense or play off the ball. He combines quicks, a sharp handle, a high b-ball IQ and loads of shake to go along with his money jump shot -- and that translates into a terrific combo guard.

C.J. Miles -- Miles is a very smooth player. He seems to glide with the ball and scoots by athletic defenders without too much trouble. The lefty wing has a beautiful array of isolation moves and his efficient jumper is just icing on the cake. We're looking for Miles to turn it up a notch and shoe that he can truly take over a game against high caliber competition.

Eric Devendorf-- This kid is a superb scorer -- plain and simple. He's so damn fast with the ball that it's hard on your eyes just watching him. His burst is on an elite level and he's got plenty of hops. Devendorf is going to bring back memories of Rex Chapman and Bobby Sura. Rumor has it that Syracuse and Florida are the frontrunners here and they'll be getting a fabulous player if they win the battle. Can anybody check the kid? We haven't seen it yet.

Eric Boateng -- I think we've all become aware of what Boateng brings to the table. And that's loads of potential. Just when I'm getting down on him as a player -- he does something that leaves me in awe. He's so agile and athletic and patrols the paint with a quickness. His huge hands are reminiscent of a certain Foo Fighters video and he racks up the blocks and deflections.

O.J. Mayo -- When it comes to offense, Mayo is awesome. He's got a scorer's mindset, some NBA-esque isolation moves and a great jump shot. His step-back jump shot is virtually impossible to defend. Mayo is old for his classification (2007), but he's still an elite high major, regardless. He's stepped it up this weekend with his passing and defense and is certainly making a case for one of the top five players here this week.

Uche Echefu --The Montrose Christian forward has played hard this weekend. Love his tenacity inside and his athletic ability. He's played defense, rebounded the ball EXTREMELY well and just given a blue-collar effort. His quickness at his size is really appealing and he's shown a little more versatility than he did last time we saw him in action. His stock has to be rising.

Cyrus McGowan -- I was so excited to write about McGowan, but everyone else has beaten me to it. Great job for the big man this week. He's played with intensity, fought for boards and showed off a fabulous touch inside. He's been so efficient with his offense and he's been making the most out of his opportunities with the ball. Great weekend for McGowan.

Wilson Chandler -- Here's a new name for most folks, and he's a good one. Very skilled and aware and makes the right decisions with the ball. He's been the most surprising player that I've seen at the event. This was my first look at Chandler and he's a very athletic and smooth wing forward with size. Kind of reminds me of Kennedy Winston with a touch of Josh Childress.

Korvotney Barber -- No one did more to boost their stock at the NBA Camp then Barber. He's an above-the-rim athlete who brings some serious explosion. An elite high major basket attacker who'll throw down some nasty ones in transition. Good physique. Quick moves. Plenty of offense and he'll fight for rebounds as well. Big-timer here, folks.

Leo Criswell -- Athletically, he's a stud. His size is very appealing as is his lengthy frame, but Criswell needs a Red Bull or something. He needs to get motivated. He just needs ... SOMETHING. Maybe watching Adam Sandler in "The Waterboy" would teach him how to get his mind ready for a game. Poke some sticks at him. If someone can get this kid to play hard, he's gonna tear it up in college. But until then he's still too passive.

Bill Walker -- This athletic phenom showed off at the TOC running with Mayo and now he's translated that success into two big events in a row. He attacks the basket, gets plenty of rebounds and just puts points on the board. This 6-7 combo forward had his jumper all week long and was one of the top performers in Richmond.

Mario Chalmers -- When Chalmers decides to take over a game there's little that anyone can do to stop him. He's going to be superb in the Jayhawks system because he can score off the dribble, shoot the long range jumper and distribute with the best of them. He's playing with so much confidence and he just knows he's good. It's in his eyes.

Micah Downs -- At 6-8, he's got the smoothest handle for a big kid on the circuit. He's got bounce and he's just so good on the perimeter. Trying to get creative with descriptions on Downs is a no-brainer. He's Mike Dunleavy all over again, and there's just no better way to describe him. Kansas is making its case for the best incoming backcourt in 2005.

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