Hansbrough readies for summer events

Tyler Hansbrough enters the summer's biggest camps and tournaments as the newly crowned No. 1 prospect in the country. His focus for the next few weeks will be to first uphold this prominence – and then afterwards, choose his future college home.

The next month maps out as follows – the Nike All-American Camp in Indianapolis, the Peach Jam in North Augusta, S.C. (where he's in Pool D, with Richard Hendrix's Alabama Lasers), the Super Showcase in Orlando and finally the Kansas City Prep Invitational at the end of July.

No visits are planned and an announcement should follow. According to Hansbrough, he will not announce at a tournament and plans to hold a hometown press conference. He has already spoken with Fox Sports about perhaps coordinating his announcement with their T.V. show.

Such is the media attention you get when you're ranked the top player in the country.

"I'm real happy about [being No. 1], but I've got to work to maintain it," Hansbrough said Friday. "I've got to play better because people are going to be coming at me even harder now during the next events."

At those events, coaches from North Carolina, Kansas, Kentucky and Missouri will be watching closely. And when they're not watching, they're calling him.

"I'll talk to them about once every two or three weeks to see what is going on," Hansbrough said. "I talked to Coach [Roy] Williams yesterday. I didn't talk to him about much but he just wanted to talk before he went to the beach for five days before Indianapolis.

"I have spoken with all of the head coaches within the last week"

These four coaches each have their similarities and differences on and off the court, which Hansbrough has documented during his recruitment.

"Coach Williams, he's real emotional out on the floor and he gets into it and is really up tempo," Hansbrough said. "Off the court he's real laid back and a normal person. Coach [Quin] Snyder, he's really energetic and stuff like that. Plus he's young, but that really doesn't make much of a difference.

"Bill Self, he's a laid back guy. He's a guy that lets his players really play a lot. Coach [Tubby] Smith, he's a defensive person, like on the court he is all about locking people up. Off the court he's a really funny guy and very laid back."

But they've all been consistent.

"I think that everybody has kept their word and they've told me how they see me playing and where they see me playing," Hansbrough said.

Hansbrough, a 6-9 power forward with perimeter skills, draws comparisons to a couple of former Kansas players who played for Williams. The Tar Heels, who have Hansbrough atop their recruiting board, see a similar role for him.

"They kind of see me as an inside outside guy but mostly as an inside guy," Hansbrough said. "They see me kind of like Raef LaFrentz and Nick Collison that [Coach Williams] had in the past who could ocassionally pop out."

Despite the big decision on the horizon, Hansbrough has been making an attempt to stay focused on the upcoming events and keep his pending college choice from the forefront of his daily life – for now.

"I'm trying to stay away from [recruiting] until after these big tournaments are over," he said. "After Nike Camp and Peach Jam, I'll really sit down with my parents and tell them what's up."

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