ABCD: Marcus Ginyard Spotlight

HACKENSACK, N.J. – The Marcus Ginyard point guard experiment has been officially cancelled. It simply wasn't a good fit, and when Ginyard isn't in his element, his overall game suffers.

The trial at the "1" position began in April with his Boo Williams AAU squad, with the goal of improving Ginyard's floor general skills and ideally at the same time helping the team.

But Ginyard found learning on the job to be too distracting.

"Sometimes I was getting down on myself too much and I just feel so much more comfortable on the wing," he said. "At the point guard, I'm thinking too much. When I'm on the wing I'm not thinking about it and just doing it.

"At times I'm going to still bring the ball up and run the ‘1', but it's about getting into a comfort zone."

He was in that comfort zone on Thursday afternoon, and Ginyard is at his best when he stays within his game. That means attacking the hoop, collecting rebounds and assists as they come, and playing his usual lockdown defense.

"I just want to enjoy myself and play my game," Ginyard said. "A lot of players come out here and try to do things they're not used to doing because college coaches are here. I just want to come out and do what I do best, knowing that when I do that I'm going to play a good game."

And at a camp where most players are out for themselves, Ginyard's game doesn't tend to grab the spotlight, but that's par for the course for the Va. wing.

"It's just another showcase – just a big pickup game, I guess," he said of ABCD.

Now playing off the ball, Ginyard's eying next week's highly anticipated Peach Jam tournament, which should include some of the best competition of the summer.

"Every time it's tough, but we're the most ready than we have been at any other tournaments," he said. "We're starting to play more as a team and more physical. So I think we're ready."

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