Nike: Andrew Bynum Spotlight

INDIANAPOLIS -- Andrew Bynum is quickly becoming a coveted center prospect after a string of strong performances this week at the Nike Camp at IUPUI.

The 6-foot-11, 280-pounder from New Jersey's St. Joseph High School in Plainsboro, is coming into his own on the basketball court. His overpowering size creates mismatches with any center in the camp, but he also displays a nice touch and control in the lane.

Having the chance to compete against some of the nations best players, and more than holding his own, has helped Bynum's confidence.

"I know I can compete against those guys," Bynum said. "I feel I can get whatever I want done. I've changed a lot in the last year. I'm able to learn quicker now. When players do something in front of me, I'm able to pick and choose what I want to do now."

Bynum was in the seventh grade when the last great player came through St. Joseph -- Duke graduate Jason Williams. Bynum could also play in the ACC in the future.

"It helps having someone show it is possible," said Bynum about Williams' example. "Jason actually comes by the school sometimes. He comes to the first home game of each season."

Bynum said Georgia, Rutgers, North Carolina and Connecticut are his top four schools, with Georgetown and Georgia Tech as other schools he is interested in. After this week, Bynum realizes his list will expand after playing so well.

"I haven't taken any visits, so I don't know much about the schools yet," Bynum said, as he plans to tour the colleges on his list after the summer circuit. "I grew up watching the Big East and the ACC, but I didn't watch much college basketball growing up.

"I like how UNC has the highest graduation rate of NBA players. Michael Jordan went there and I hope to have a chance to meet him down there. Coach Roy Williams is also nice after talking to him on the phone."

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