Peach Jam: Wed. AM Notes & Quotes

NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. -- The 2004 Peach Jam tipped-off on Wednesday morning at Riverview Park. Here are game reports and postgame quotes from Richard Hendrix, Tyler Hansbrough, Andrew Bynum, Marcus Ginyard and Vernon Macklin ...

* Richard Hendrix -- Played "quietly" in his match-up against Keith Brumbaugh, and sat for several stretches because of foul trouble. While he didn't have any breath-taking moves, he put in a workman-like effort on both ends of the floor with 22 points (9-12 FG, 4-5 FT), 10 rebs and 6 blocks in his Alabama Lasers' 71-60 win over Team Florida. When you consider numbers like that are a "quiet" performance, that speaks to his abilities. One of the most powerfully built players in the 2005 class. He showed a nice face-up game, but didn't play much with his back to the basket. Roy Williams watched from a seat at center court, as did Alabama head coach Mark Gottfried and two of his assistants.

Hendrix said postgame that he may need to push his decision back even farther.

"In the past, I'd have liked to have a decision made by November, so I can coast through my senior year and focus on winning a state championship," he said. "As of right now, I don't know – because I want to sign during the early [period], but as of right now I might have to push it back. I thought the decision between Alabama and North Carolina would be a lot easier and I thought it would come to me. But it hasn't come to me yet and I just need some time to think about it. I'll work on my game and hopefully it'll pop into my head one day."

* Tyler Hansbrough -- Finished with 17 points and about a dozen rebounds, but his team fell short, 70-69, to Memphis in the Eagles' first game of pool play -- his offensive rebound and put-back from a teammate's missed free throw came a split second too late. His team's loss can be summed up in two words: guard play. They turned the ball over at mid-court for easy points the other direction and failed to get the ball to Hansbrough in scoring position. When you have the nation's No. 1 player in the paint, the ball needs to be in his hands. Roy Williams was on-hand.

Hansbrough plans to talk with his parents after the Peach Jam and a decision is on the immediate horizon.

"Right now it's looking like late July to early, early August," he said. "I'll have it decided by then."

* Andrew Bynum -- The comparisons to Brendan Haywood are inescapable. Same body type, same strengths and same limitations. Perhaps the only difference is that at this point in his career, Bynum is in better physical shape. On Wednesday morning, he totaled 4 points (2-6 FG, 0-4 FT), 8 rebounds and a blocked shot in the New Jersey All-Stars' shocking 110-80 win over the Georgia Stars. He sat out most of the second half, as the game was well out-of-reach (and Georgia's Louis Williams continued to heave, and miss, long threes). Bynum's offense came on a nice drop-step lay-in and a slam dunk and don't expect him to get many points in his college career from anywhere outside of six feet. However, as Haywood proved, a mid-range game isn't necessary in becoming a successful center. Bynum was quite aggressive on the boards, and used his long arms to snare away rebounds. He's also an imposing presence in the paint as a shotblocker and space-eater. In his team's zone defense, he merely stood at the top of the key, spread out his arms and had the entire paint covered.

Bynum was not available for an interview this morning, but will be tonight.

* Marcus Ginyard -- Looking less like a position player and more like, as Coach K likes to say, "just a basketball player." Today he looked as confident as we've have ever seen him with the ball in his hands, running the point, barking orders, and directing traffic. And he's a terror on the perimeter on defense, which is nothing new for him. Factoring in defense, moving with and without the ball on offense, court presence, athleticism, he's just a consistent jump shot away from being one of the best all-around perimeter players in the class.

While he'd probably prefer not playing the point, he's on a team without a true point guard, so he keeps gravitating to being the floor leader.

"For a while I was playing the point, then they took me off, and then today [Coach] put me back at the point and I don't have any problem with it," Ginyard said.

Roy Williams was easy to spot, standing on the baseline, for Ginyard's game.

"For most people, you'd think it'd be kind of nerve-wracking to have your future coach standing there, but for me, he's more of a support for me than somebody who makes me nervous," Ginyard said. "I just feel a lot more confident having him standing there watching.

And he's doing Williams a favor by aiding UNC's recruiting efforts.

"I'm in Richard [Hendrix]'s ear every time I see him," Ginyard said. "And Tyler [Hansbrough], I'm just hoping he can make his decision soon and come to Carolina. When I see him I'm trying to bark at him as much as I can."

Ginyard added that, for the record, his name is pronounced "Gin (like 'begin') – yard (as in the measurement)."

Vernon Macklin -- Looks like someone lit a fire under "Big Ticket." A knock on Macklin in the past has been his passive court presence and a lack of aggressive play. There was none of that this morning. He was playing like he had something to prove – battling for every rebound, and had a ton of follows around the hoop. He's 6-9, long, athletic, and is beginning to develop offensive skills. On offense, he showed a short-range face-up game, but exploited his size advantage by posting up and using a little half hook. On defense, he's long enough that he can wait for the shooter to leave his feet and then jump and block the shot. Occasionally, he may give up an easy inside basket, but he doesn't appear to be foul prone -- he doesn't bite on fakes.

"Now he's somebody [the Tar Heels] have to look for," Ginyard said of his teammate.

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