Decision to come soon for Todd

Kentucky prep quarterback star Chris Todd returned from his visit to Chapel Hill and he continues to be strongly interested in the Tar Heels.

"It was a time to refresh my mind about North Carolina," Chris Todd said. "We did a lot of drills including one-on-one with receivers and seven-on seven drills. I talked to the entire North Carolina staff. I had a chance to meet one of the North Carolina commitments Kennedy Tinsley while I was there."

Todd also visited N.C. State on his trip to the state.

"I enjoyed my time over there as well," he said. "They told me to call them this week. Things sounded pretty positive. I think they may be offering this week as well."

Todd said he still expects to make a decision soon.

"I want to decide before the season starts," Todd said. "Practice is coming up pretty soon and I'd like to get this recruiting behind me. I doubt that I will be making anymore campus visits."

Todd currently has UNC, Cincinnati and Wake Forest to choose from unless N.C. State decides to offer as well.

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