Clint's Notebook: Andrew Bynum

Get a closer look at Carolina's hoops targets by reading straight from the notebook of <i>Inside Carolina</i> recruiting analyst Clint Jackson. In this edition - 2005 center Andrew Bynum.

Andrew Bynum
6-11, 280
Metuchen (N.J.) St. Josephs

First thing's first -- Andrew Bynum is a center. A true center. He's big and possesses an incredible wing span.

Just standing in the middle of the zone creates a large obstacle for his opponents. He has some of the same physical traits as NBA center Desagana Diop, especially in the way that he's built. His very long legs, arms, big hips and high shoulders give any coaching staff a lot to work with on the defensive end. And watching his opponents try to go around or shoot over him is simply painful at times.

Bynum is nearly 7 feet tall and weighs in at a solid, yet pretty mobile, 280 pounds. And while he doesn't have the quickest feet or reactions in the world, his size more than makes up for it as he can block shots from behind and alter them from anywhere in the painted area.

In terms of agility, he does run the floor, but his strength may be in the half-court set right now. He runs well for his size, but playing in a fast-paced game right now shows stamina as an area that needs improvement. Much more effective on the defensive end, but can finish close to the basket with short shots and dunks.

Needs to work on physical conditioning and post skills. Once he becomes more explosive and quick with his reactions, he could be a very good college player. Potential -- he has the upside to live up to the comparison of Brendan Haywood and then some. But he does have a lot of work to do to get to that level.

In the later part of the summer he has shown that he wants to improve. He knows that he has what it takes to be a big time college player -- and possibly an NBA player down the road. He's starting to put in the hard work and play with intensity and that's certainly the next step.

BEST ASSETS -- Size, shot-blocking, strength, defensive rebounding

NEEDS IMPROVEMENT -- Conditioning, intensity, skill work

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