RB Tom Clayton Interview

Inside Carolina spoke with Virginia RB Tom Clayton on his current college preferences and his upcoming visit to Florida State. Tom said that he would visit FSU either this weekend or the following weekend.

Tom Clayton

Inside Carolina – I heard your HS school team lost over the weekend, sorry to hear about that.
Tom Clayton – Yes, it was a tough game.

IC – Tom, we have read some reports that have stated that FSU now leads. Is that still true?
Clayton – No. I would say that it is between UNC and FSU.

IC – Are other schools still calling?
Clayton – They are still calling but it really is down to two schools.

IC – When you visit FSU what will you be looking for?
Clayton – I'll compare it to my visit to North Carolina to see if they can do it up like in Chapel Hill.

IC – You've said before that early playing time is important to you. What did the FSU staff say about the opportunity to play next year?
Clayton – There will be some player movement that might make it easier for me to play.

IC – Let's go down the list of RBs at FSU next year and you can tell us what you think or have been told will happen to those players (moved to another position or stay at RB).
Clayton – OK.

IC – Nick Maddox will be a senior. Do you think he will play RB?
Clayton – Yes, but he is more of a scatback whereas I am more of a speed back.

IC – How about Greg Jones?
Clayton – He's a big back.

IC – How about Eric Shelton?
Clayton – The FSU staff told me that they were going to move Shelton to FB or to DB.

IC – What about the RS Freshman, Willie Reid?
Clayton – They have already moved him to Wide Receiver.

IC – Are you watching whom else FSU is recruiting? I know that they were leading at one time for the nations #1 HS RB Lorenzo Booker.
Clayton – Yes, I am watching who they are recruiting. I knew about Booker but the distance may be a factor with him.

IC – Have you scheduled any in-home visits yet?
Clayton – I have the first one scheduled with Coach Powell this week. I think it is Wednesday.

IC – When do you think you will decide?
Clayton – Probably soon after the FSU visit.

IC – Thanks for talking with us Tom.

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