A.J. Nicholson Interview - 12/4/01

Inside Carolina interviewed star linebacker A. J. Nicholson following his visit to Florida State over the weekend.

Inside Carolina – A. J., how did you enjoy your visit to FSU?
A.J. Nicholson – It was a good visit.

IC – How would you compare it to your Texas visit?
Nicholson – It's hard to compare because the FSU visit was an unofficial visit and there are more things to do and see on an official visit.

IC – Are you planning to take an official visit to FSU?
Nicholson – Yes, I'll schedule one for later.

IC – Are you still planning to visit Chapel Hill on an official visit on January 18?
Nicholson – No, I'm planning to go to Miami that weekend. I'm trying to arrange a mid-week visit around December 16 with Coach Webster and Coach Browning.

IC – Will that be an official visit?
Nicholson – Yes.

IC – I saw a report that said FSU and TX now lead. Would you agree with that?
Nicholson – No, not really. I'm at the point where I am trying to take all my official visits before leaning one way or another. Right now my top 5 are all equal.

IC – How is your pinch nerve?
Nicholson – It's better. I'm starting to participate in indoor track now.

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