Marcus McNeil Interview - 12/4/01

Marcus McNeil


  • Height: 6-5
  • Weight: 310
  • 40-time: 4.98
  • BP: 345
  • Squat: 525 (hasn't performed since Soph in HS)
  • Tackles: 46
  • Sacks: 13
  • Pancake Blocks: 76

  • Favorites: UNC, Mia, GaT over Aub and TN

    Inside Carolina – Marcus, thanks for talking with us. How did you like your visit to Chapel Hill?
    Marcus McNeil – It was a great visit.

    IC – What did you like best?
    McNeil – Mainly the atmosphere. I really liked the atmosphere there.

    IC – When you say atmosphere are you referring to the football game?
    McNeil – I liked the atmosphere at the football game but it was more than just that. I liked the atmosphere around campus and around Chapel Hill.

    IC – Did you have a favorite school growing up?
    McNeil – Yes, North Carolina has always been my favorite school. In fact, North Carolina is my whole family's favorite school. We've moved around a lot but we've always liked North Carolina.

    IC – Was this your first trip to Chapel Hill?
    McNeil – Yes, this is the first time that I spent time here.

    IC – You must have had some thought about what Chapel Hill and the University must be like. Was it about what you expected or better or worse?
    McNeil – It was about what I had expected and I mean that in a good way. Coming to Carolina, I was afraid that I might be let down because I could have built it up too much in my mind. Instead, it was a nice as I thought it would be.

    IC – Did you live in Fayetteville for awhile?
    McNeil – I didn't but my family did.

    IC – What was it like after the SMU game to be on the field with all the peaches and players?
    McNeil – Oh, it was a lot of fun.

    IC – Did you think the other recruits enjoyed it as well?
    McNeil – Well, I was hanging out with Maurice Avery, who is a QB from down here in Georgia, and I know he did. I think everyone liked being on the field.

    IC – Did you talk to Coach Bunting during your visit and if so what did he say to you?
    McNeil – He told me how much he appreciated OL and how they are a key part of a football team. He said some coaches don't appreciate OL but he knows how important they are. He also talked about the program.

    IC – How do you view the UNC football program?
    McNeil – I think it is a program on the way up.

    IC – Who is your primary recruiter?
    McNeil – Coach Huxtable

    IC – Did you get a chance to meet Coach Caldwell?
    McNeil – Yes, I like Coach Caldwell.

    IC – Did you get a chance to meet Coach Connors and talk about the S&C program?
    McNeil – Yes, I had dinner with him and also he talked with us (recruits) as a group and discussed his philosophy about S&C.

    IC –Have you scheduled any other official visits?
    McNeil – No, not yet.

    IC – When do you think you will decide?
    McNeil – I sort of promised myself to take my time and take all my official visits so that I can make a good decision.

    IC – What do you think about recruiting so far? Did you think that you would be this highly thought of?
    McNeil – At first it was kind of nice but then it got to be a little overwhelming. I have a teammate on my HS team, Jonathan Palmer, that I thought was pretty much on the same level as I was but when I started looking at some magazines I would see my name ranked higher than his.

    IC – Does Jonathan Palmer like Carolina too?
    McNeil – Yes, he likes them too. In fact we were going to come to Chapel Hill together but it was a little short notice for him so he will probably come later.

    IC – Is there anything that turns you off about recruiting?
    McNeil – I don't like it when coaches lie. I had one school that I don't want to name that told me that I was one of their top recruits and they only have a couple of scholarships left and that I should go ahead and commit to make sure I got in. Well I didn't commit and they are still calling so I figure they were lying all along. I also don't like telling schools that I am no longer interested. I had to tell Georgia and South Carolina that I wasn't interested and they seemed really disappointed. Clemson probably thinks that I removed them from my list but I am still considering them.

    IC – How did your HS team do this year?
    McNeil – We were 7-3 but we didn't make the playoffs.

    IC – Also heard that you play basketball. How many points did you average last year?
    McNeil – About 13.

    IC – Thanks for talking with us Marcus. Good luck with the remainder of your recruitment.

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